How to Install & Watch YouTube on FireStick, Fire TV Cube in 2018

In this guide, you will learn to download YouTube on FireStick. I will take you through the step by step process to install the YouTube alternative on your FireStick device. Using this method, you can also install YouTube on Fire TV Cube and Fire TV.

YouTube is the most popular online video service and FireStick is one of the most widely used TV media devices. One is bound to believe that Google’s YouTube’s availability on Amazon FireStick is a given. After all, there shouldn’t be any reason why not. Sadly, that’s not the case. Google and Amazon had a fallout a little while ago and the latter has discontinued most Google apps from its store. And, this is the reason why YouTube is no longer officially available on FireStick.

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When I first learned about it, I felt sad. I am a frequent user of YouTube (who isn’t?) and was hoping I would watch my favorite videos on the large screen of my TV. So, I started looking for workarounds. I heard about using YouTube in a web browser on FireStick. It worked, but it wasn’t really fun. Browser experience hardly matches the comfort and ease an app can provide. I was lucky I stumbled upon one incredible alternative to YouTube on Fire TV called Smart YouTube TV app.

What is Smart YouTube TV FireStick App?

Smart YouTube TV app is designed for Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV Cube. This FireStick friendly gives you access to all the YouTube videos through an interface that bears striking resemblance to the native YouTube app. You can look up for every single video that’s there on YouTube through this app.

What’s more incredible is that the app even lets you sign in with your Google account and access all your YouTube subscribed channels, viewing history, search history, and everything else.

In simple words, with this app you literally get YouTube on FireStick, with the name of the app being the only difference.

Difference Between Smart YouTube TV and YouTube TV Live TV Service

Since Amazon Store doesn’t host the YouTube app, we are compelled to resort to third-party apps to access YouTube on FireStick. Since the name of the third-party app we are going to use as an alternative to YouTube on FireStick is Smart YouTube TV it is likely to be confused with YouTube TV the premium live TV service provided by YouTube.

YouTube has started a new live TV service called YouTube TV in select states in the United States. This service lets you watch some cable TV channels. It is a paid service offered by YouTube.

Smart YouTube TV is just the name of the app, which has nothing to do with the YouTube TV service. It does not give you access to the YouTube TV even if you are in the region where this service is available. Unfortunately, there is no way to access YouTube TV through Smart YouTube TV or any other such app.

There is a workaround though. You can install a web browser, such as Silk Browser, on FireStick and access the YouTube website to watch YouTube TV.

How to Install YouTube on FireStick

As you now already know, we are going to install the Smart YouTube TV app on FireStick. It is a third-party app and hence we must first allow Apps from Unknown Sources. Here are the quick steps:

  • Open FireStick Settings from the homescreen
  • Click Device
  • select Developers Options
  • Click Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Enable it if it is disabled

We also have a detailed guide on enabling Apps from Unknown Sources. Tap here to access it.

Now your FireStick device has been configured to allow the third-party app Smart YouTube TV.  What you need next is an app that facilitates download of Smart YouTube TV APK from a web source. No app can do that better than Downloader.

If you don’t have Downloader app already, go ahead and install it first from the Amazon Store. You can look up for the app in Amazon Store by clicking the search option on the homescreen of FireStick. Or, you can read our detailed guide on how to install Downloader.

You will need to have JavaScript enabled in Downloader app for the installation method to work. You can enable it from Downloader app’s Settings. And, You will also learn to enable JavaScript in our Downloader installation guide.

After enabling Apps from Unknown Sources, installing Downloader app, and enabling JavaScript in the Downloader app, you are finally set to install YouTube on FireStick. Here come the steps:

  1. Go ahead and open the Downloader app

open downloader app

  1. Click the Browser tab on the left

browse on downloader

  1. Guide the pointer to the address bar on the top using your remote and click inside the address bar
  2. Use the on-screen keypad to type in the following URL:

 Hit the GO button after typing the URL

Youtube on firestick download url

  1. Downloader app is designed to download the APK file automatically. Allow the download to complete. Once it is done, you will see the following prompt.

Click Install

install youtube on firestick

  1. Wait for the YouTube app to install on FireStick. It doesn’t take too long. App Installed notification appears upon completion.

You could click Open and run the Smart YouTube TV app directly from here. But, I recommend you click Done. This will take you back to the Downloader app from where you can delete the YouTube APK file, which is no longer needed. FireStick storage is limited so it is best to keep clearing files you don’t need.

youtube on firestick installed

  1. Click Delete

delete youtube apk for space

  1. Click Delete one more time to delete the file

delete youtube app on firestick

That will be all. You can now go to the Your Apps & Channels and access the Smart YouTube TV app.

youtube and apps section

Your Apps & Channels is the collection of all your apps and games. Here is how you can get there:

  • Press and hold the Home key on the remote for a few seconds
  • Click Apps when the following options appear

go to apps

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list where the recently installed apps are found
  • If you would like the Smart YouTube TV app to appear on your FireStick home-screen, you will need to move its icon in the top row.
  • To do that, select the icon of the app and then press the menu button on your remote (three horizontal lines). Click the Move option on the bottom right corner and drag the app icon to the top. Release it by pressing the Select button on the remote.>

How to Activate & Use YouTube on FireStick

watch youtube on firestick

As I already told you, Smart YouTube TV gives you access to all the videos on the original YouTube. You can even access your subscribed channels, your viewing history, and everything related to your YouTube account by signing in.

Let me show you how to go about it.

When you run the YouTube app for the first time, it asks you to pick a resolution based on the device on which you are using it. As you see, the 720 resolution is most suitable for devices like FireTV, FireStick, MiBox etc.

Note: I have used the 1080 option and it worked fine. So, you can select that as well.

select youtube on firestick quality

You are welcomed with a popup saying that Sign In for the best YouTube experience. I also highly recommend that you sign in with your YouTube account (or Google account).

Click SIGN IN to sign in right now

sign in to youtube on firestick

You can also sign in later by clicking the Accounts tab on the bottom left (just above the Settings cog icon)

accounts in youtube for firestick

A code is displayed when you click the Sign In button.

youtube on firestick code

Access in a mobile or computer browser and sign in with your Google/YouTube account. When you are signed in, enter the code displayed on your FireStick screen and click Next.

Follow the on-page instructions to sign in to your YouTube account on the Smart YouTube TV app.

youtube on firestick activation

You are now all set to enjoy YouTube on Fire TV / FireStick device.

Wrapping Up

So, that is how you can download YouTube on FireStick, even when it is officially not available on Amazon Store. Smart YouTube TV app works on FireStick, Fire TV and the latest Fire TV Cube. This remote-friendly app brings to you all the YouTube videos directly from the YouTube’s database. Please remember that Smart YouTube TV app and YouTube TV live TV services are different. I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I loved compiling it. Let me know if you have any questions.