4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a VPN with Kodi on Fire Stick

Kodi is a free and open-source media player whose popularity seems to be growing rapidly by day. With a user base of millions, Kodi is quickly becoming a household name. Kodi was originally designed only for Xbox. In the years to follow, it grew its scope from Xbox to a wide range of hardware and software platforms.

You can now get Kodi on Android run devices, such as mobiles, Android Box, or FireStick, computer platforms, such as Mac, Windows & Linux and Raspberry Pi computers as well. You have to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick to get Kodi on Fire Tv

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Kodi is free to download and install. It is not this popular just because it is a free media player took, but because it also offers all types of contents for free. Whether you want to watch a movie, a recently released episode of your favorite TV show, or say, a satellite channel, you can get just about everything without having to pay a dime. You can easily Install Kodi on Fire Stick in 2 Ways

Kodi supports addons and it is the addons that bring to you the free content. There are addons for movies, shows, sports, live TV, and anything you can ask for. But, there is a catch. The addons providing free content may not necessarily do so legally. In fact, most of the Popular Kodi addons that offer free movies and shows are in violation of the copyright laws. When you play the video content through those addons, you are putting yourself at risk of getting into legal troubles.

I never promote copyright violations. I suggest you always watch movies and shows through the channels that have the distribution license in your region.

You can avoid getting involved in any legal issues by using a VPN service. In fact, I highly recommend using VPN with Kodi on FireStick.

What is VPN?

It is beyond the scope of this article to get into all the technical details of VPN. But, I will give you a quick overview of what VPN is.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The idea of VPN is to provide a safe, secure and anonymous internet experience. You may probably already know that all your online activities are tied to your IP Address. This IP Address is unique to your internet connection and is assigned by your ISP. Everything you do on the internet can be tracked back to you by the way of IP address.

VPN maintains your privacy and anonymity by assigning your internet connection a temporary IP address. This IP address is tied to your internet connection for the duration you are connected to the VPN server. All your online traffic is encrypted and routed through the VPN server. And, all the good VPN providers have zero log policy.

So, when you are watching a movie on Kodi on FireStick, no one will be able to trace it back to you. Let us learn about the benefits of using VPN with Kodi.

online privacy is important

Reasons why you should use a VPN with Kodi on FireStick

Here are some of the reasons why you should use VPN while watching content on Kodi

1. Protect your privacy

It surprises me how our own government keeps an eye on all our online communications. Whether you are watching a movie on your FireStick or sending a text message, the government can track it all. A VPN, like ExpressVPN, makes sure your privacy remains intact. You have the right to your privacy and by using VPN you ensure all your online activities are masked from the snooping eyes.

2. Avoid any legal hassles

When you watch movies and shows on Kodi, you do it through one of the many available addons. Most addons let you watch your favorite content free of cost. But, while doing so, there is a chance you might be unwittingly accessing the copyrighted content. Watching the licensed content for free could be the violation of the copyright laws and might land you in the legal troubles.

I have never condoned piracy or infringement of the copyright laws. But, I have always been the proponent of right to privacy. With a VPN, you feel confident that you are not being snooped around and you will not get dragged into any legal meddles.

3. Avoid Internet Throttling

This is one more big reason why VPN is a must while using Kodi on FireStick (or for that matter any other Kodi compatible platform). You may not have heard of internet throttling but it is a very common practice among the Internet Service Providers (ISP). Your ISP may cut down the bandwidth of your internet connection after you have utilized internet traffic for playing videos after a certain amount of time.

Internet throttling is not illegal. In fact, it is usually in the terms of service, in the fine prints we often ignore to read, and sign in a haste. When you are using a VPN, your ISP couldn’t detect what are you using the internet for. As they can’t figure you are playing videos, they do not cut down the connection speed.

4. Unlock Geo Restricted Content

Most Kodi addons are available globally and do not put any region-specific restrictions on the content they provide. But, there are some popular addons providing high-quality content that are restricted only to certain regions. When you try to play the content through those addons, you get the error that it is not available in your area.

The good news is that with VPN you can unblock any content on which the provider has placed the geo-restriction. For instance, ExpressVPN is known for hundreds of servers in dozens of popular locations worldwide. To play the region restricted content, simply choose the VPN server from that location and then use the addon again.


When you use VPN with Kodi on FireStick, you can watch anything you want with the complete peace of mind. While there are a bunch of VPN providers out there, I recommend ExpressVPN. My reasons are simple. ExpressVPN has proven to be the fastest and most reliable VPN service. It has hundreds of servers all over the world. Go ahead and give it a try.

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