How To Install Uranus Addon On Kodi 18 Leia & Kodi Krypton

Uranus is one of the most popular and one of the most widely used Kodi addons presently. While several addons have shut the shops recently, Uranus stands firm. You might have heard of, and probably also used Exodus and Covenant addons. They used to be like the holy grail of addons. But, they were shutdown and later revived. Uranus is a fork of these addons. It has borrowed all that was great from its predecessors and added its own enhanced features.

Uranus for Kodi lets you watch the on-demand content. Whether you like movies or TV shows, Uranus will get you all. The first thing you will be impressed with is its huge media library. There are hundreds of movies and shows here. Uranus is also known to connect to the quality servers and fetch you the healthiest links. It is considered as good as addons like Neptune Rising, Placenta and Incursion.

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Uranus kodi addon

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Uranus Kodi addon is the part of the very popular source called Blamo. You can install it from the Griffin Repo and I will show you how. The installation method I have used in this guide works on all the devices that support Kodi. This will include Amazon FireStick, Android Tablets and Mobiles, iOS, Mac & Windows, etc.

How to Install Uranus Addon on Kodi 19 & 17.6:

I will now guide you through the installation process, which is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi
  • Part 2: Install Griffin Repository
  • Part 3: Install Uranus Addon on Kodi from Griffin Repository

We will now go through each part one by one. Each part contains step by step instructions. 

Part 1: Enable Unknown Sources

This is the part where you reconfigure Kodi to enable the third-party addon installation. Uranus addon for Kodi is from a third-party source. This is the reason why we need to enable this option. Follow the steps below.

1) Go to Kodi home screen and from there open Settings

open kodi settings to install Uranus kodi addon

2) Next, click System settings

click on system settings

3) Highlight/select Add-ons on the left side of the next screen.

4) On the right side of the same screen, if the switch next to Unknown Source is on the left, drag it to the ON position towards right

click on unknown source

5) A prompt now warns you of the potential risks and asks you if you would like to continue. Click Yes

click on yes -uranus

Kodi is now configured to accept the third-party Uranus addons.

Part 2: Install Griffin Repository

A repository is a library of addons. Griffin Repository is available from the same source as the very popular and trusted Mr Blamo Repo. Here is how you can install the Griffin Repository on Kodi:

1) Again, you need to open the Settings from the home-screen of Kodi

open kodi settings

2) Within the Settings click File manager

open kodi filemanager to install Uranus kodi addon

3) You should now see the Add source option. It is on both left and right and you are free to click either.

click on add source

4) A new window is displayed. On this window click <None>

5) Enter the following URL in the space provided

Note: Type the URL carefully and correctly

Hit OK

enter the url and click ok - Uranus installation

6) Now type the name of the source in the designated field. It could be any name you like, but make it identifiable. Let’s go with blamo

Your Kodi screen should like how you see it in the image below

Click OK

give a name to it - we are giving blamo

7) Head back to the main-screen of Kodi.

Click Add-ons

click on addons

8) Select and click the open-box icon image on the upper-left corner of the next window to open the Package Installer

open package installer to install Uranus addon

9) On the next screen click Install from zip file

select install from zip file

10) Click blamo (or the source name you added earlier)

click on blamo

11) Click

This zip file may have a different version than 0.0.7 in case it is updated.

select the zip file

12) Griffin Repository will now be installed in the background. Wait for the Griffin Repo Add-on Installed message. It will slide out from the top-right corner.

Griffin Repo Add-on Installed message

This installs the Griffin Repo on Kodi. Let’s now use it to install the Uranus Kodi addon.

Part 2: Install Uranus Kodi Addon

Here is how we install the Uranus addon on Kodi from the Griffin Repo:

1) Continuing from the last step of the second part, if you didn’t change the Kodi screen, click Install from repository. If you did change the screen, you can find this option again. Go back to homescreen and go to Add-ons / Package Installer

go to kodi addons

2) Click Griffin Repo

Click Griffin Repo

3) Click Video add-ons

click on video addons

4) Click Uranus on the next screen

click uranus on the next screen

5) On the bottom right of the following window, click Install

click install

6) Wait for the installation notification. It will appear from the top-right corner. Uranus Kodi addon may take a few minutes to install. Wait for this notification.

uranus addon installed

This will be all. You have successfully installed Uranus addon on Kodi.

Exploring Uranus Kodi Addon:

Allow me to give you a brief tour of Uranus addon. It is one of the most popular addon these days. This addon brings to you a range of on-demand content including your favorite episodes and movies. You will find all the latest stuff here, even the movie titles that haven’t hit the DVD stand yet.

Of course, everything is free.

To access Uranus, all you need to do is open Add-ons from the Kodi home-screen and click Video add-ons. That’s where you will find Uranus.

uranus kodi addon

Just click the Uranus icon and you will have access to a huge library of media. This is what the main-screen of this addon looks like.

uranus kodi addon library

As you can see, there are various categories including Movies, TV Shows, Spotlight, TV Collections, Movie Collections, etc. When you open a category, you are likely to find subcategories.

To explore it further, I am going to go ahead and open the Movies category.

movies category in Uranus addon

As expected, inside the Movies categories there are subcategories such as In Progress, Featured, Populars, New Movies, Top Rated, etc.

Each subcategory may further be divided into more subcategories. It depends upon which category you have chosen.

The same goes for TV Shows.  So, this is pretty much it about Uranus addon. Just start exploring. You will find loads of quality content here for free.

Wrapping Up:

What’s Kodi without addons? Well, almost nothing. You need a quality addon to watch your favorite content. Uranus addon for Kodi is regularly featured among the top Kodi addons in almost all the lists I have seen.

Uranus addon is a fork of the popular Covenant and Exodus addons. There are hundreds of titles to watch. This addon brings the quality links for movies and shows. It is also compatible with Trakt that keeps a track of your viewing activities. All in all, it is a great addon to have.