Download & Install UKTVNOW on Firestick, Fire TV Cube Using 2 Methods

UKTVNow now known as TVTap is an IPTV app that lets you watch live TV channels from the United Kingdom. While there are literally dozens of live TV apps out there, but none come closer to UKTVNow when it comes to the channels from the UK. This app features channels for movies, shows, sports, news, events, kids, and more. In this guide, I will show you how to install UKTVNow on FireStick.

UKTVNow is an Android app that works perfectly on touch and remote-controlled devices both. Now, it is renamed as TV Tap. It is one of the most popular live TV firestick apps. It has a slick interface and a professional design. It is also lightweight, making it a good choice for low-storage devices like Amazon FireStick.

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How to Install UKTVNow on FireStick

uktvnow on firestick

The very first thing you want to do is to make a change to a security setting. This will let you install the third-party apps.

Go to FireStick home-screen and navigate to Settings / Device / Developers Option. Now, click Apps from Unknown Sources to enable it if it is OFF.

When you enable this setting, you can download any third-party app whose APK you have sourced from outside Amazon Store. So, now we learn how to install UKTVNow on FireStick.

FireStick device wouldn’t let you download the third-party APK files through the web browsers. Hence, you need the apps that can facilitate the download. In this guide, you will learn about two apps that will help you download UKTVNow on FireStick:

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer

Method 1: Install UKTVNow on FireStick Using Downloader App

First, we look at the Downloader method. You can install Downloader from the Amazon Store. All you got to do is go to the search option on your FireStick home-screen and search for the app. You may also visit our detailed guide on how to download and install Downloader on FireStick.

Downloader is probably the simplest app to side-load third-party apps onto FireStick. It features a user-friendly interface and amazing ease of use.

Here are the steps to install UKTVNow using Downloader:

1# Open the Downloader app

2# You will see some tabs on the left. Click Settings and make sure JavaScript is enabled

3# Now click Home tab on the top and on the right highlight the URL field and then click inside it

open downloader on firestick

4# What you should see now is the onscreen keyboard. Use this keyboard and enter the following URL:

Hit GO when you are ready

download uktvnow on firestick

5# Downloader will now download the UKTVNow APK on FireStick. It may take a few minutes depending upon the speed of the internet

6# When the download completes, Downloader app initiates the installation on its own. You must see the following prompt.

Scroll down to the bottom right and click Install

install uktvnow on firestick

7# Allow the UKTVNow app to install

tvtap on firestick

8# When the installation is complete, the following prompt appears with the installation that the app is installed.

Go ahead and click DONE button.

Note: You may also click OPEN button and run the UKTVnow app right away. But, first let’s go back to the Downloader app and delete the UKTVNow APK file, which is no longer needed. You may run the UKTVNow app later from the Your Apps & Channels section

uktvnow on firestick installed

9# When you are back on the Downloader app, you will see this prompt. Click Delete to remove the UKTVNow APK from the FireStick storage

delete uktvnow on firestick

10# Click Delete one more time to finally erase the file

delete tvtap on firestick

And, that is how you install UKTVNow app on FireStick with the help of the Downloader app.

2. Install UKTVNow on FireStick with ES File Explorer

If you have Downloader app and you have followed the steps above to install UKTVnow on FireStick, you don’t need to use the ES File Explorer method here. However, if you prefer ES File Explorer app more, this method is for you.

First, go to the Amazon Store and install ES File Explorer. For that, from FireStick home-screen select the search option and look up for the ES File Explorer app.

To learn more about how to install ES File Explorer, please click HERE to visit our detailed guide.

Now that you have downloaded ES File Explorer, let’s learn how to install UKTVNow app:

1# Run ES File Explorer on your device

2# Navigate to the Tools option on the left. Click this option and it will expand. Now, click Download Manager


3# On the right and at the bottom, you must now see a bunch of options in a bar. Click +New


4# This should bring up a dialogue box with two fields: Path and Name

Click the Path field and enter the following URL: <<URL>>

In the Name field enter UKTVnow or any name you like.

When you are ready, click Download Now


5# Allow ES Explorer app some time to download the UKTVNow APK file on FireStick


6# When the file is downloaded, the following prompt appears. Click Open File


7# Now click Install when the following prompt shows


8# This will initiate the installation process. When the following prompt is displayed, navigate to the bottom left of the screen and click the Install button


9# Allow FireStick a minute to install the UKTVNow app. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.


10# The App Installed message will confirm that the app has been installed. Now, you may click Open and run the UKTVnow app. You may also click Done and return to FireStick. You can run the app later from Your Apps & Channels segment


So, above is how you install UKTVNow on FireStick using the ES File Explorer app.

Note: If you would like to delete the UKTVNow APK (recommended) as it is no longer needed, you may do that by navigating to the Download folder in ES File Explorer. When you are there, highlight the APK file and long press the Select button on your remote to select it. Now, click the Delete button on the bottom to delete the file.

Wrapping Up

UKTVNow gives you access to some of the best live channels from the UK for free; these are the channels for which you pay a solid subscription fee otherwise. Also, you cannot watch these channels outside the UK if not for UKTVNow. Whether you like movies, shows, sports, events, or whatnot, you will get it all here. It is indeed one of the best apps to watch the UK live TV. Go ahead and give it a try.