How To Install Titanium Build On Kodi 17.6 Krypton and Kodi 18 Leia

In this tutorial, I will guide you through the installation process of Titanium Build on Kodi. The steps in this guide have been followed on Kodi on Windows. But, the Kodi interface and navigation are same across all the supported platforms. This means that the method demonstrated in this tutorial works on Amazon FireStick, Mac, Android smartphones and tablets, Android TVs, Android TV Boxes and more.

Titanium Build, by far is the most popular Kodi build. It has consistently been the part of the all the lists of top Kodi builds. I have been using this build for a long time. Titanium Build is the part of Supreme Builds Wizard, which is obtained from the Supreme Builds Repository. It is one of the most trustworthy and reliable sources.

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The regular, default Kodi isn’t good enough unless you install a bunch of addons. You may want to watch a variety of videos including shows, movies, live TV, sports, Kids etc. For each type of content, you must get a separate addon. However, with Titanium Kodi Build, you could get all of it at one place without having to install the addons separately. Yes, Titanium Build comes with preinstalled addons.

Whether you like sports or movies, shows or live TV, you will find everything here. Titanium Build is preloaded with more than a dozen video addons. It has some popular names like Placenta, Incursion, SportsDevil etc. With a build like Titanium Build, you save yourself time and efforts which are otherwise spent on looking for and installing addons.

Besides the video addons, Titanium Build also packs several maintenance and utility tools. This makes sure that your Kodi runs smoothly all the time.

Kodi builds are not just about the addons (though they are the most important aspect of it). Titanium Build also completely changes the way you interact with Kodi with a complete visual transformation. It lets you break out from the monotony of default Kodi and gives you something more exciting. Not only do you have a more visually appealing interface, you also have a more intuitive layout.

Whether you are using Amazon FireStick, Android mobile, or for that matter any Kodi compatible device, Titanium Build works smoothly on all. Without much ado, let’s learn how to install Titanium Kodi build.

How to Install Titanium Build on Kodi:

We will shortly start with the installation steps. However, before we do that, we must enable Unknown Sources in Kodi. This will allow us to install third party like Titanium Build on Kodi. Here are the steps:

Click the cog icon on the Kodi home-screen on the top-left, just underneath the Kodi logo to open Settings

open kodi settings to install titanium build

Now click System Settings

open system settings to install titanium build

Select Add-ons on the left and click the Unknown Sources switch on the right (if it is OFF)

click on unknown sources

Click Yes and confirm your intent

click yes

By turning on the Unknown Sources, you let Kodi accept any third-party builds and addons. We will now learn to install Titanium Build on Kodi, which will be a two-part process. Here is how it will go:

Part 1: Install Supreme Builds Wizard on Kodi

Part 2: Install Titanium Build from the Supreme Builds Wizard

Let us now get started.

Part 1: Install Supreme Builds Wizard

Supreme Builds Wizard has an inventory of many Kodi builds. Of course, Titanium Build is a part of it and it is also the most popular Kodi build from this source. Supreme Builds Wizard also offers several maintenance tools. It is a handy addon even if you aren’t installing any build.

Here are the steps to install Supreme Builds Wizard on Kodi:

1. Open the Settings again by clicking on the cog icon on the Kodi home-screen (top-left)

2. On the next screen, click File Manager

click on file manager

3. Click and open Add source (it is on both left and right, you can click either)

open add source to install titanium

4. On the following window, click <None>

5. You must now see a window like this with keys on the bottom part and the empty URL space on the top. Type in the following URL and click OK:

enter the url

6. You will be back on this window. Highlight the field named Enter a name for this media source and type in any name for the source URL you provided in the previous step. It is best to make the name relevant and identifiable. So, I am typing in supreme

Click OK

give a name to media source

7. Now, go ahead and go back to the home-screen of Kodi by pressing the ‘back’, ‘esc’ keys.

8. Back on the home-screen click Add-ons

click on add ons

9. Go ahead and click the open-box option on the top-left. This icon is called Package Installer

click on package installer

10. Now click Install from zip file

click on install from zip file

11. You should now see a new window with some options. Locate and then click supreme.

Note: If you gave any other name in step 6 earlier, that’s what you would need to select here instead of supreme

click on supreme

12. Now go ahead and open the zip file that you see named

The file version may change later and hence you may see a number other than 1.0.0. Click and open the file anyway.

install titanium build for kodi

13. Wait for a minute until the Supreme Builds Repository Add-on installed message/notification appears on the top-right corner

Supreme Builds Repository Add-on installed

14. Now, open the Install from repository option on the same window (in case you are not on this window, you can navigate back to it; follow: Kodi home-screen / Add-ons / Package Installer)

click on install from repository

15. Click Supreme Builds Repository

Click Supreme Builds Repository

16. Click Program add-ons

Click Program add-ons

17. Click Supreme Builds Wizard

Click Supreme Builds Wizard

18. Click Install on the next window

click on install

19. Wait for the Supreme Builds Wizard installation notification to appear on the top-right corner. Please note that it might take 2-3 minutes (and even more).

Supreme Builds Wizard installed

20. As soon as the Supreme Builds Wizard is installed, three popup windows will show. Following is the first one. Click Dismiss.

click dismiss

21. Next, click Continue on the second popup (if you would like to change any settings, select accordingly before clicking Continue)

22. On the third popup, by clicking Build Menu, you can directly go to the list of the builds and install Titanium Build on Kodi. But, I am clicking Ignore because I will show you how to access the menu from the home-screen of Kodi

click ignore

23. If these three popups show up again, press the same buttons as before

We have now installed the Supreme Builds Wizard on Kodi. We will now learn to install Titanium Kodi build.

Part 2: Install Titanium Build on Kodi

With Supreme Builds Wizard installed, you could easily install Titanium Build. Here are the steps:

1. You will want to return to the Kodi home-screen again and click Add-ons > Program Addons

This is where you will find the Supreme Builds Wizard. Click the wizard and open it.

open supreme builds wizard

2. The next thing you want to do is click Builds option

click on builds options

3. You now see a list of the builds. As you see, Titanium Build is on the top and it is available through three different servers.

You could choose any server you like. I am installing the build from the first one. Also, in case one server doesn’t work for you, go ahead and use another.

select a server

4. Now you need to decide whether you want to do the Fresh Install or go with the Standard Install.

When I install builds for personal use, I always go with the Fresh Install. It cleans up any existing data on Kodi and removes all the clutter. But, that also means you lose your current addons and data.

Standard Install may or may not restore any data. But, I have noticed the performance of Titanium Build isn’t as good when I choose this option.

So, let’s go with Fresh Install

select fresh install

5. The next thing you see is this prompt asking if you really want to reset and restore Kodi to default. Click Continue

click continue

6. Kodi will now start installing the Titanium Build. The process usually takes 4 to 5 minutes. Just wait for the installation to complete. Do not turn off your computer or disconnect it from internet

supreme builds wizards installation started

7. When the build is installed, the following prompt is displayed. It is best to choose Force Close. Every time I have chosen Reload Profile, Kodi has crashed and force closed.

choose force close

Now go ahead and run Kodi again. It will now launch to the following home-screen in place of the default estuary skin with blue and black hues.

On the first run, Titanium Build will run some updates. When this is happening, the build will be slow and you will experience lagging.  So, let these updates run their course before you start using the build.

It is evident that Kodi Titanium Build is more colorful, livelier, dynamic. As you see, this build also has a completely different layout as compared to the default Kodi. The Menu bar and submenu bar strip is placed across the length of the home-screen. When you select an option, say Movies, the relevant Add-ons appear on the bottom.

titanium build

The addons that you see on the home-screen are a part of a bigger list. If you want to view all the video add-ons, just select Main Menu > Video Addons.

Here is the list of all the video addons:

all video addons


As you see, there are many popular addons here. Titanium Build has Placenta, Incursion, SportsDevil and many more.

Go ahead and explore Titanium Build and many exciting things will be revealed to you.

Wrapping Up:

Kodi Titanium Build is a delightful departure from the default estuary interface of Kodi. There is so much new and exciting to discover and experience. With several preinstalled video addons, you have ready access to all that you want to watch including live TV and on-demand content.

The best thing about Titanium Build is that it is backed by a team of active developers. Therefore, the build is constantly updated with bug fixes. Titanium Build is probably the most comprehensive, most reliable build I have ever seen. I encourage you to give it a try.