Terrarium Tv on FireStick | How to Install Terrarium Tv App on Fire Tv, Fire Cube

Amazon FireStick is a small, but very effective media device. It has the ability to convert any TV into a smart TV. This device is plugged into the HDMI port of the TV and connects to Wi-Fi to provide endless hours of entertainment. But, FireStick, like any other media hardware, is only as good as the apps it supports. What you need for the ultimate experience is the apps like Terrarium TV on FireStick.

Terrarium Tv app is one of the Best Fire Stick Apps. This is an incredibly popular entertainment app for the Android users. But, unlike some of the very popular media and entertainment services, Terrarium TV is free and demands no monthly or yearly subscription. Terrarium TV is ad-supported but the ads aren’t very intruding. This app is perfect for both, handheld as well as TV devices, such as FireStick. In this guide, you will learn to install Terrarium TV on FireStick. Stay tuned!

How to Install Terrarium TV on FireStick

Terrarium TV is a third-party app and not included in the Amazon App Store. The third-party apps can only be installed if you have turned on the security feature Apps from Unknown Sources.

Quick Steps to Enable:

Settings >> Device >> Developer options >> Apps From Unknown Sources >> Enable

If are new to Firestick and don't know how to do that, you can read here: Enable Apps From Unknown Sources on Fire Stick

With the security restriction removed, you can now install Terrarium TV on FireStick.

What you are going to do is side load the Terrarium TV app on FireStick (Read more about side loading apps on FireStick). For sideloading, you will need an additional app that can download the Terrarium TV APK and facilitate the installation.

In this guide I will demonstrate how you can install Terrarium TV on FireStick through ES File Explorer and Downloader apps. You can use any one of these two apps. But, I recommend you install both these apps on FireStick. They come in very handy many times.

Method 1: Install Terrarium TV on FireStick using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is already a popular app on the Android platform. It is the most widely used file manager apps. Thankfully, it is available on Amazon Store. If you don’t have ES File Explorer, you can go through our detailed guide on how to install this app on Amazon FireStick: Get ES File Explorer on Amazon Fire Stick

After installing ES Explorer, you can get started with the installation of Terrarium TV on FireStick. Here is the step by step process. It will take only a few minutes:

Step 1: Run the ES Explorer app on your device.

Step 2: Use your FireStick remote to navigate to the options on the left. Here, you want to click the Tools menu allowing it to display its sub menus

Step 3: Click the Download Manager sub menu within Tools

Terrarium tv es file explorer

Step 4: Now, navigate to the right part of the ES Explorer window and head to the bottom. Click the option New (or +New)

click new to add url

Step 5: The following window is displayed. In the space to enter the Path, enter the following

URL: http://bit.ly/TTV-2018

In the filed labelled Name enter TerrariumTV (you may type in any name. It won’t affect the outcome)

When you are done typing, click Download Now

download terrarium tv on firestick

Step 6: The APK file of Terrarium TV will begin to download on FireStick. Allow the download to complete

Step 7: Click Open File

terrarium tv download on firestick

Step 8: Click Install

install terrarium tv on firestick

Step 9: Click Install one more time when the following prompt appears. You can review all the accesses Terrarium TV will require before confirming your action.

terrarium tv app on firestick

Step 10: The downloaded APK file will install Terrarium TV on FireStick. Typically, it takes only a minute.

Step 11: The App Installed notification confirms that Terrarium TV has indeed been installed on your FireStick device

get terrarium tv on firestick

This is all you need to do. Terrarium Tv on Firestick is installed through ES File Explorer app. There is one more method to get it on Firestick. That is using Downloader app. We will see how to install Terrarium Tv APK using Downloader.

Method 2: Install Terrarium TV on FireStick using Downloader

Downloader is another popular FireStick app. If you side load apps on FireStick, it is a must have app. Learn how to install Downloader on your device from the Amazon App Store. It is quick and easy.

Now that you have Downloader, let us install Terrarium TV with it. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch Downloader app. It will open with the Home tab selected (tabs are on the left). On the right you will see a space to type in the URL. Click inside this space to open an onscreen keyboard

Step 2: Use your remote and the onscreen keyboard to enter the following URL: http://bit.ly/TTV-2018

Step 3: Click GO (or press the Play/Pause button on your remote)

Terrarium tv using downloader

Step 4: Downloader will connect to the server location of the URL you provided and fetch the Terrarium TV APK file. The download should finish in a couple of minutes.

Terrarium tv downloader

Step 5: When the APK is downloaded, Downloader starts installing it straightaway without asking for any confirmation. FireStick, however, will display this prompt. Go ahead and click Install

install terrarium tv on fire tv

Step 6: Again, when you see App Installed message on the screen, it means Terrarium TV on FireStick has been installed.

Terrarium tv apk on firestick

Step 7: Terrarium TV is installed, but we still need to delete the APK. This part is optional but highly recommended. Why keep the APK file and occupy the limited storage on the device. So, when you see the above prompt, click Done instead of Open

Step 8: This takes you back to Downloader, which still has the following prompt on. Click Delete to remove the Terrarium TV APK

delete terrarium tv on firestick

Step 10: Again, click Delete

Delete terrarium tv apk on firestick

You have successfully installed Terrarium TV on FireStick with the help of the Downloader app.

Final Words

There are literally dozens of free entertainment apps for Android that offer on-demand content such as movies and TV shows. But, not all the apps can stand the test of time. Terrarium TV, however, is the app, which has proven its worth time and again. This app is backed by a team of developers which relentlessly works in ensuring that it continues to provide high quality services. Terrarium TV is indeed the best third-party app for Android. And, it works flawlessly on FireStick as well.