SportsDevil Addon For Kodi – How to Install Sports Devil on Kodi 18 Leia & Krypton 17.6

As Kodi is an open-source media player anyone and everyone can develop addons for it. There are literally thousands of addons for Kodi out there. And out of these thousands, it is fair to say there must be at least hundreds of sports addons. But, you repeatedly get to hear about only a bunch of them. And, there are only a handful that truly stand out. SportsDevil unequivocally stands out as the best Kodi addon for sports.

If you are a sports lover, SportsDevil is a treat for you. This is one of the most popular kodi addons for sports. This addon brings to you just about any sport in the world you could think of. Whether you love to watch Basketball, Cricket, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, you will find the video links for all. What’s more incredible is that most of its content can be played in the full HD, 1080 quality.

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SportsDevil lets you watch the recorded events, tournaments, and matches. But, where it truly shines is in its ability to give you almost uninterrupted access to live sports and live sports TV channels. In this guide, I am going to show you how to install SportsDevil addon on Kodi. Keep reading!

Download SportsDevil Latest Version [2018]

If you want to enjoy SportsDevil addon to its full potential and make sure that your experience remains as free of errors and bugs, make sure you have the latest version of SportsDevil.

With the latest version, not only you get more bug fixes, you are likely to find a greater number of healthier, working video links. To get the latest SportsDevil update 2018, you need to find the repository that hosts the latest version.

Popular addons are featured in multiple Kodi repositories. After having checked several repositories that could possibly have SportsDevil, I found out that Blamo Repo has the latest version of SprotsDevil. So, in this guide, you will learn how to install SportsDevil add-on on Kodi from Blamo repo.

sportsdevil addon

How to Install SportsDevil Addon on FireStick

Let me know help you with the step by step process to install SportsDevil Kodi add-on on FireStick. The first thing you want to do is install the Kodi app on FireStick, if you haven’t done that already. Click HERE for our detailed guide on how to install Kodi on FireStick.

Once that’s taken care of, follow the steps below:

  1. Run Kodi on FireStick and go to the Kodi Settings from the home-screen by clicking the cog icon on the upper left (underneath the logo of Kodi)

settings of kodi

  1. Now go to the System settings

system settings

  1. Select the Add-ons option on the left side. Now, on the right you must see Unknown Sources with a switch. If this switch is OFF, click it and turn it ON.

Unknown Sources must remain enabled so that you may install the third-party addons like SportsDevil

enable unknown sources

  1. Repeatedly press the back button on your FireStick remote to come back to the Kodi home-screen again. Again, click Settings
  2. On the next screen open File manager

file manager on kodi

  1. Click to open Add source on either side of the screen

add source for sportsdevil

  1. Click the <None> option that you see on the next window that pops

add sports devil repo

  1. Go ahead and enter the URL of the source in the provided field on the next screen

Type the URL carefully to avoid any typos and click OK

Note: You will need to use the FireStick remote App to type in the URL. However, you can download the Amazon FireStick Remote app on Android or iOS and connect to your FireStick through the same Wi-Fi network. This way, you will be able to type using your mobile.

sportsdevil url

  1. Now type in the name blamo in the field marked as Enter a name for this media source. In fact, you can enter any name of your choice. It is recommended you make it relevant though. Click OK

name of the source

  1. Again, you need to be on the homescreen now. Click Add-ons

click addons

  1. Open the Package Installer menu by clicking the open-box icon on the upper left corner of the next window

kodi package installer

  1. Open the option Install from zip file

install from the zip on kodi

  1. Click blamo or the name you entered earlier

select sportsdevil source

  1. Click and open the file named (the version number of this file as of writing this guide is 0.1.7. When the file is updated, the version number may change. If that’s the case, click the file with the new version number)

sportsdevil zip file

  1. Wait for the Blamo repository to install. A notification saying Blamo Repo Add-on installed will be displayed
  2. Now click Install from repository
  3. Select Blamo Repo

balmo repo

  1. Click Video add-ons

video addons on kodi

  1. Choose SportsDevil

select sportsdevil kodi addon

  1. Click Install

install sportsdevil

  1. If you have multiple repositories installed that host SportsDevil Kodi addon, you will see a pop-up like this with the list of the repositories. Select the repository with the SportsDevil add-on latest version. As you can see, both the repos have the SportsDevil 2018 version, but Blamo Repo has the latest. So, go ahead and click it.

If you only have one repo with SportsDevil Kodi addon, you won’t see this popup.

sportsdevil latest version

  1. Wait for the SportsDevil Add-on installed notification. It may take a couple of minutes to install this addon.

sportsdevil installed

  1. Well, that will be all. You have successfully installed SportsDevil addon on Kodi. You can now access it from Kodi Homescreen > Add-ons > Video Add-ons

open sportsdevil on kodi

How to Install SportsDevil Kodi Addon on PC

Go ahead and install Kodi on PC. If you are using Windows 10, you can download it directly from the Microsoft Store. If you are using any older version of MS Windows or Mac OS, you can download Kodi from

Once you have installed Kodi on your computer, you can install any addon you like including SportsDevil Kodi add-on.

Now, the question is – how to install SportsDevil on Kodi on your PC/Mac. The good news is that the interface of Kodi is same across all the platforms on which it is supported. So, whether you have Kodi on PC, Mac or Amazon FireStick, the installation method of SportsDevil 2018 addon remains the same.

To install SportsDevil on PC, follow the exact same steps for SportsDevil on PC that I have provided above. The only difference is that instead of interacting with your FireStick remote, you will interact with your keyboard and mouse. Absolutely nothing else will change. Here is what you will do in a nutshell:

  • Enable Kodi Unknown Sources
  • Add the source URL for Blamo Rep:
  • Install the Blamo Repo from this source
  • Install the SportsDevil addon from the Blamo Repo

Just refer to the steps 1 through 23 and you will have SportsDevil addon on Kodi on your PC within a few minutes.

SportsDevil Common Issues & How to Fix Them?

From here I am going to write about the common issues or errors users are facing while installing Sports Devil Kodi addon on their devices. I have collected all these problems from the users of our blog and written the solutions for those issues. Keep reading.

1. Sports Devil Addon Installation is Failed [*Fix]

With the method I have outlined above, you should be able to install Sports Devil Kodi add-on without any hassles, unless there is a temporary problem with the server.

One of the most important points to remember is that to install SportsDevil (or for that matter any addon) only from a reliable, trusted repository. Blamo Repo is among the most widely used, most trustworthy repositories.

You should also keep in mind that any addon must be installed from the repo which has its latest version. It is not uncommon to see a popular addon hosted on multiple repositories. Sports Devil itself is available through at least three repos – Blamo, Kodil, and Loop.

Blamo Repo has the latest version of Kodil Repo as I have already stated. Therefore, I have offered the Blamo Repo method to you.

In case you encounter the Failed to Install a Dependency on Kodi while installing Sports Devil addon, it can be easily fixed. You can also read our detailed guide on how to fix Failed to Install a Dependency error on Kodi.

If server is not the problem, Sports Devil installation issues can be resolved by one of the following. The detailed information on each is available in our Failed to Install a Dependency on Kodi guide:

  • Restarting Kodi
  • Clearing Cache
  • Clearing Kodi Data
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi

2. *Fix SportsDevil is Not Working

If you have been able to install SportsDevil addon on Kodi but it isn’t working, we will try to fix it for you.

If SportsDevil isn’t fetching any links for the video content you are trying to play, it must be a server issue. Sometimes certain servers are offline and you can’t fetch the links. Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about it but wait for the server to be back and running.

2.1 Try basic troubleshooting

Use the basic troubleshooting to fix the issue. Try one or more of the following:

  • Restart Kodi
  • Clear Kodi Cache (you may use Ares Wizard)
  • Clear Kodi Data (again, Ares Wizard can be used)
  • Uninstall Kodi and reinstall it

2.2 Get the latest version of SportsDevil

If SportsDevil is not working, there is a chance you may have an older version of this addon. I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of installing the latest version of any addon. As you already know that SportsDevil is available through multiple repos, make sure you install it only from the Blamo Repo as it has the latest version.

2.3 Uninstall SportsDevil Addon & Reinstall

Uninstall SportsDevil addon and install it again (using the steps provided above). Here is how you can uninstall this addon:

  1. Run Kodi and click Add-ons on the main screen
  2. Click My Add-ons

uninstall addons

  1. hit on Video Add-ons

video addons

  1. Click SportsDevil

hit on sportsdevil addon

  1. Click the Uninstall button

uninstall sportsdevil addon

Wrapping Up

SportsDevil is ‘the’ addon that you must be looking for if you want to enjoy the sports content on Kodi on any device. It is the most popular, most reliable addon for sports. If you have SportsDevil, you would probably not have to search for any other sports addon. In this guide we learned how to install SportsDevil addon on Kodi from the Blamo Repo. That’s the repo from where you get the latest version. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to fill us in. The comments section is below.