How to Download & Install OneBox HD on FireStick, Fire TV Cube

If you want to have an incredible entertainment experience watching the movies and shows on your TV, I recommend you get OneBox HD on FireStick. This app has been around for a long time and continues to be one of the favorite on-demand apps of the cord-cutters. This app brings to you free content in high quality.

OneBox HD is one of the best Fire Stick Movie Apps and content aggregator. The moment you request for a video content, it fetches multiple links from servers around the world and presents them to you in a list. You can click one of the links and start playing the content. What matters is the quality of the link, which OneBox HD never fails to deliver. In this guide, I am going to show you how to download OneBox HD on FireStick. Keep reading.

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Download OneBox HD on FireStick

onebox hd app

OneBox HD is a third-party app for FireStick platform. Third-party means that the app doesn’t belong in the Amazon Store. Therefore, the APK file of this app must be obtained from an external source and it must be side loaded onto FireStick or Fire TV device. If you don’t know what is side loading, you can read our complete tutorial about Sideloading apps on Amazon Fire TV

That’s not a problem because OneBox HD is a trusted Android app. But, your FireStick needs to be set up to allow the third-party apps like OneBox HD.

Set Up Your Device to Install OneBox HD

Go to: Settings > Device > Developer Options > Apps from Unknown Sources (and turn it ON)

To learn more about enabling Apps from Unknown Sources, read our detailed guide. (How to Enable Unknown Sources on Fire Stick)

enable unknown sources on firestick

When you have enabled the Apps from Unknown Sources, you can install the OneBox HD on FireStick.

On a normal Android mobile or tablet, you could directly download the APK of the app you want to install through a web browser. It’s not that straightforward with FireStick. You need an additional app that helps you connect to the APK source on the web and download it onto your device. The two most widely used apps for such purpose are:

In this guide, I will show you how to download OneBox HD on FireStick using both the apps separately.

Method#1: Install OneBox HD on FireStick Using Downloader

When it comes to side-loading third-party apps on FireStick, nothing beats the simplicity and ease of use Downloader app offers. I strongly believe that it is one of the must have apps for FireStick. You can download it easily from the Amazon Store.

Select the search option on the FireStick home-screen and look up for the Downloader app. We have already given you a link above to visit our detailed guide on how to install Downloader on FireStick.

Once you have installed the app, here are the steps to install OneBox HD on FireStick:

  1. Launch the Downloader app and select the Home tab on the left side (the Home tab is selected by default when you run Downloader)
  2. The right side of the app has the empty field to type in the URL. This field is also automatically selected when you run Downloader. The cursor can be seen blinking in it.

Click in the URL field to display the onscreen keyboard

url in downloader

  1. Enter the following URL using the onscreen keyboard and press GO

onebox hd apk on firestick

  1. Downloader is smart enough to identify the APK source and start downloading the file automatically. Also, as soon as the file is downloaded, Downloader will initiate the installation process of OneBox HD on FireStick.

Click Install when you see the following prompt

install onebox hd on firestick

  1. Give it about a minute to install the OneBox HD APK on your device. When it is installed, App Installed prompt will appear

install onebox hd on firestick

  1. As you see in the image above, there are two options – Done & Open. If you want to open OneBox HD right away, click Open. You may delete the APK file later. I am going to go ahead and click Done so that I may go back to the Downloader app and delete the OneBox HD APK file (recommended). Once the app is installed, APK files are of no use. FireStick storage is tight so it’s best to delete such files.
  2. Go to files, select the APK and Click Delete

delete onebox hd apk

  1. Click Delete again

delete onebox hd on firestick

That is how you download and install OneBox HD on FireStick with the help of the Downloader app.

Method#2: Install OneBox HD on FireStick Using ES File Explorer

I am introducing you to an alternative method because Downloader app is not available in all the regions. It is also taken down sometimes from the Amazon Store.

ES File Explorer is a handy app, one of the best file mangers for Android. I also recommend it as one of the must have apps on FireStick.

It is available through Amazon Store, so open the search function and look for the app. Install it by following the onscreen instructions.

Follow the steps below to download OneBox HD on FireStick with ES File Explorer:

  1. Launch ES File Explorer and click the Tools menu on the left side. Tools menu will expand and now click Download Manager in it
  2. Navigate to the right of the ES File Explorer and on the bottom, you will see a menu bar. Click the option +New on this menu bar

onebox hd on firestick with es file explorer

  1. When the following dialogue box pops, here is what you need to do:

Path: Enter the URL

Name: Type in the name OneBox HD or any name you like (doesn’t matter)

Click Download Now

download onebox hd on fire tv

  1. Let ES File Explorer download the OneBox HD on FireStick storage. When the file downloads, a new pop-up will appear. Click Open File

install onebox hd on fire tv cube

  1. Now click Install on the popup that appears within ES File Explorer

install onebox hd on fire tv cube

  1. FireStick will now ask you to confirm your action. Click Install again on the bottom to proceed

onebox hd app on firestick

  1. Wait for the App Installed notification to show.

onebox hd is installed

  1. Click Open to run the OneBox HD app immediately. Click Done to return to the ES File Explorer window. You may open the app later from the Your Apps & Channels section

apps on firestick

This is all you need to do to install OneBox HD on FireStick.

How to Use OneBox HD on FireStick Quickly

Whether you are side loading or installing a FireStick app from Amazon Store, the one that you have just installed will not be displayed on the home-screen of your device. Instead, it will go into Your Apps & Channels. In fact, it will be placed on the bottom of the Your Apps & Channels section.

You will notice that the apps that are in the first two rows of Your Apps & Channels appear on the home-screen of FireStick. Others do not.

For quick access, the app must be in the front row. If you want to watch movies and shows frequently, you will want OneBox HD in the first (preferable) or second row. Here is how you can do that:

  • Long press the Home button on the FireStick remote until you see a fullscreen menu
  • Click Apps on that menu
  • Now navigate to the bottom of the apps list and highlight the OneBox HD app icon
  • Press the hamburger menu key on the FireStick remote
  • Click Move on the menu that appears on the bottom right corner
  • Drag the OneBox HD icon to the first row
  • Choose the spot where you want it placed and press the Select key on your remote
  • Go back to the home-screen and you will find OneBox HD icon right there

Wrap Up

OneBox HD is easily one of the best apps to watch movies and TV shows. This on-demand app for Android works beautifully on FireStick and other remote-controlled devices. There is absolutely no shortage of the on-demand content on this app. Just look up for the movies and shows you want to watch and you will find it here. The quality of the content playback is also great. You can choose between 720 and 1080 HD. All in all, OneBox HD on FireStick is a great app to have.