How To Download & Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi 17.6 & 18

No Limits Magic Build is the build that will completely change your Kodi experience. This build not only brings the cosmetic enhancements to Kodi but also adds dozens of new features and functions. With plenty of addons for all your video needs, this build is a perfect choice for Kodi beginners as well as experienced users.

No Limits Magic Kodi build packs popular addons like Neptune Rising, Uranus, Placenta, Maverick. This build also has a special section for live TV that lets you watch your favorite cable TV channels free. If you are shopping for free top Kodi builds, you must definitely give No Limits Magic build on Kodi a try.

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In this guide, I am laying out the method to install No Limits Magic build on Kodi. The method will work on all the Kodi compatible platforms such as Android Tablets & Smartphones, Amazon FireStick & Fire TV, Android TV, Android TV Boxes, Windows & Mac computers, and more.

How to Install No Limits Magic Buildon Kodi 17.6 & 18:

That’s what I am going to tell you now. But, before we start, we need to enable the Unknown Sources in Kodi. It is a security setting in Kodi, which is designed to discourage users from installing third-party addons and builds for their own safety. But, No Limits Magic Build has been tested, tried and are known to be harmless.

Here is what you need to do:

Click the cog icon on the Kodi home-screen in order to open Settings.  I am talking about the icon on the upper left

kodi-settings - no limits magic build

When on the next window, click System settings

open system-settings - no limits magic build

Next, navigate to the left side and select Add-ons

This will display the related options on the left including Unknown Sources. This option has a switch. Turn the switch ON if it is OFF.

kodi unknown sources - no limits magic build

Now, you will see a prompt warning you about the risks involved with keeping Unknown Sources enabled. Don’t worry about it as I already told you this build is safe.

kodi unknown sources yes to install no limits magic build

You have successfully configured Kodi. It will now install the third-party plugins. Let’s get on with it.

Step by step installation process

Now we come to the real thing. Here is the full set of instructions to install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi:

Go ahead and return to the Kodi main-screen (home-screen). There, click Settings one more time

kodi-settings - no limits magic build

Next, open the option File manager

open kodi file manager to instal no limits magic

Click Add source

click on add source

Following is the window that appears next. Click <Next> here to proceed

When the next window pops, use the onscreen keyboard and enter the following source URL in the provided field:

Please enter the URL carefully.

Click OK

Now type in the name for the source you just added. You may enter any name you wish to identify this source with. I am entering NoLimits.

Click OK to continue

no limits magic builds on kodi - give a name and click ok

Go back to the home-screen of Kodi app yet again. There, on the left, click Add-ons

kodi addons - no limits magic

Now next, click the Package Installer icon on the upper-left corner of the window. It is the open-box icon I am referring to.

kodi package installer - no limits magic

The next thing you want to do is click Install from zip file

kodi install from zip file - no limits magic

On the new window that appears, click NoLimits (or the source name you added earlier)

no limits magic builds on kodi

Now click the zip file

no limits magic builds on kodi

Kodi will now start installing the No Limits Wizard. You may need to wait for four to five minutes. Wizard installation usually takes time. Since no progress bar is displayed and the installation happens in the background, you may think Kodi is not doing anything. However, you will see the following add-on installed notification after a limits magic builds on kodi

You have successfully installed the No Limits Wizard. You can say that you have taken care of the first part of this process. In the next part we will install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi from the Wizard. Here is how it will go:

Go back to the Kodi home-screen one more time. Now, go to Add-ons followed by Program add-ons. When you are there, click the No Limits Magic Wizard.

no limits magic builds on kodi

What you see next is the following screen. No Limits Magic Wizard has basically two builds:

  • No Limits Magic (Adult)
  • No Limits Magic (No XXX Section)

As you can see, both these builds have regular and lite versions. The Lite version is for FireStick (and other low-spec devices). But, I have noticed that the regular No Limits Magic (No XXX Section) works just as fine on my FireStick. What I am saying is that you can pick any for your FireStick device.

Also, please note that there are three servers from which you can install the builds. Again, you can pick any server you like. In case the chosen server doesn’t work, pick another.

No Limits Magic (No XXX Section) is the more popular build and that’s the build we will install. I will choose SERVER 1 for this guide.  Here are the steps:

Click No Limits Magic (No XXX Section) in Server 1

no limits magic builds on kodi - click server one

The download and installation process will start automatically. The installation progress will be displayed on the screen.

installation procee started

It takes 5 to 6 minutes for the process to complete. Once finished, the countdown will start and Kodi will automatically shut down in a few seconds

no limits magic builds on kodi

Restart Kodi and star using No Limits Magic Build.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build Overview

When you relaunch Kodi after installing the build, it will open to the new interface. This is the home-screen of Kodi now with this build

no limits magic builds on kodi

When No Limits Magic Build is run on Kodi for the first time, it installs some updates. These updates usually take a few minutes. I highly recommend that you let the updates run their course. Do not shut down Kodi during the update process.

No Limits Magic Build is more graphical and colorful as compared to the default Kodi interface. As is with most builds, there is a menu bar and submenu bar strip across the width. The layout is intuitive, easy to use. I urge you to explore the build and get familiar with it.

Let’s talk about addons as they are the most important part of any Kodi build.

When it comes to addons, No Limits Magic Kodi build does not disappoint you. You will enjoy all the most popular addons. It has Neptune Rising, Uranus, Placenta, Maverick, SportsDevil and whatnot. In short, there is going to be no shortage of content. It is a perfect addon for binge watching movies and shows.

no limits magic builds on kodi

No Limits Magic also has plenty of addons for live TV, Kids shows and movies etc.

Wrapping Up:

There are a bunch of Kodi builds to choose from. However, the options have narrowed down dramatically ever since the crackdown on builds and addons. But, there are some builds that have stood the test of time and continue to provide high quality services.

Needless to say, No Limits Magic Kodi build is one of them. This build has everything you could ask for. It has the best addons for all kinds of media. It has the finest utility tools for maintenance and upkeep of Kodi. No Limits Magic build is lightweight too. Go ahead and give it a try.