How to Install Mobdro on FireStick Without PC in 2018

In this guide I will show you how to download and install Mobdro on FireStick. Mobdro is one of the best live TV apps for Android devices. But, it has been designed to be remote friendly and hence it works flawlessly on Amazon FireStick and Fire TV as well. This installation guide will take you through the step by step installation process.

Mobdro brings to you a host of live TV channels from around the world. Whether you want to watch a channel from the US, UK or for that matter any other country, you are likely to find it here. Besides the collection of channels, Mobdro scores well on the fronts of reliability and stability. Almost all its channels remain online throughout the day. I am having a great run with this app and I am confident you will love it too.

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What you will also like is that the app is completely free to download and use. In fact, it offers you almost uninterrupted entertainment experience as it has very few ads. Let us now learn how to get Mobdro on FireStick.

mobdro on firestick

Set Up Your Fire Stick to Install Mobdro App

A little bit of tweaking is required to install third-party apps on Fire TV and FireStick devices. Mobdro is a third-party app and hence it cannot be installed without these changes.

Go to FireStick Settings > Device > Developer Options. Now switch ON the Apps from Unknown Sources option if it is OFF.

With this taken care of, you can install any third-party app you like including Mobdro. And, if you are wondering what third-party apps are, they are the apps that are not catalogued on Amazon Store. They are from the independent developers and their APK must be downloaded separately through side-loading

How to Install Mobdro on FireStick in 5 Minutes in 2018

Talking about APK, if you have side loaded apps on Android mobile or tablets, you must know you could download APK through a web browser. With FireStick, things are different. For some reason, direct download from the browsers is not supported. Therefore, you need an additional app that could connect you to the server and download the APK.

The two most popular apps to side load APKs on FireStick are:

Please note that you can download both these apps from the Amazon Store. But, Downloader may not be available in all the countries.

So, before we get started with the installation, go to the Amazon Store (by selecting the search option on the FireStick home-screen) and download these apps.

Install Mobdro on FireStick Using Downloader App

Downloader makes side loading process a breeze. No wonder why it is considered as the best app to download and install the third-party apps on FireStick.

Follow the steps below to install Mobdro on FireStick with Downloader:

  1. When you run the Downloader app, you will notice that by default the Home tab on the left is already selected. Also, on the right the field to enter the URL is also selected with the cursor blinking in it.

Go ahead and press the Select button your FireStick while the URL field is selected.

  1. Now, what you want to do is type in the following URL:

Type the URL carefully or the file won’t download. Click GO

mobdro apk link firestick

  1. You will notice that the Downloader app will begin to download the Mobdro APK on FireStick automatically. Let the download complete

download mobdro on firestick

  1. You will now be prompted with the following message. Click Install to continue

mobdro on firestick using downloader

  1. Wait for the installation to finish. It may take a minute. When it is done, you will see the notification.

install mobdro on firestick

  1. What you can do now is click Open and run the Mobdro app straightaway. Though, I would suggest clicking Done. That way, you will return to the Downloader app and delete the APK file, which is no longer needed and will only occupy the storage.

mobdro on firestick installed

Click Done

  1. Now click Delete

delete mobdro on firestick

  1. Click Delete one more time

delete mobdro apk with downloader

You are all set now. Go ahead and go to Your Apps & Channels and run Mobdro app.

Install Mobdro on FireStick Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is not just popular on FireStick but also a widely used app on other Android platforms. It lets you side load the apps, but can do much more than that. It lets you manage your files, apps and also connect your FireStick to your computer through FTP.

Here, we are going to learn how to use ES File Explorer app to install Mobdro on FireStick. Follow the steps below:

  1. Run ES File Explorer. You will see expandable options on the left sidebar of the app. Go ahead and expand Tools by clicking on it.

From the expanded options, click Download Manager

  1. Now the next thing you want to do is click +New option on the bottom right

es file explorer tools option

  1. A new dialogue box pops with Path & Name fields.

Go ahead and enter the URL in the Path field.

In the Name field you can type in any name you like, say Mobdro.

Click Download Now to continue

download mobdro on fire tv cube

  1. Allow ES File Explorer to connect to the source server and download the Mobdro APK on FireStick. It may take a few minutes.

mobdro apk download

  1. When the file is downloaded, click Open file on the pop that appears

open mobdro on fire tv cube

  1. Click Install on the next popup titles Properties

install mobdro on fire tv cube

  1. What you see next is the following prompt. Go ahead and give your consent by clicking Install again on the bottom right
  2. Wait for the installation to complete
  3. Click Open when you see this notification to launch Mobdro right away. Click Done if you want to run the app later from My Apps & Channels.

Note: You can delete the Mobdro APK file by navigating to the Download folder using ES File Explorer

This, I believe, will be all. You are now all set to enjoy the most amazing live TV app on your FireStick.

Wrapping Up

So, now we have learned how to install Mobdro on FireStick, you can start watching your favorite live TV channels. The collection of TV channels is just amazing. You will find satellite channels from all around the world. The app is lightweight and fast too. Just click a channel and it starts playing in a few seconds. I love Mobdro for live TV. I recommend you give it a go too.