How to Download & Install Cinema APK (HD Movies App) on Amazon FireStick

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Cinema APK on FireStick. Cinema APK or HD Movies App is an entertainment app that lets you watch free shows and movies on your FireStick, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube. A lot of users also know this app by the name HD Movies. Cinema APK is one of the best firestick movie apps I have come across in the recent times.

If you like to watch free shows and movies on your FireStick device, I strongly recommend you try Cinema .APK. I have been using this app for some time and have had an awesome experience. The app is fast, easy on your FireStick, and brings healthy playback links from various sources.

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Cinema APK – The Best Alternative For Terrarium TV on Firestick?

Yes, it is one of the most suitable alternatives to Terrarium TV on Fire Stick. Cinema APK on FireStick offers you the content inventory of the same size Terrarium TV was famous for. It also has high quality scrapers just like Terrarium TV that fetch you the best playable links from various servers. Quite like Terrarium TV, Cinema APK is lightweight and works smoothly on FireStick and all other Android platforms.

Some Other Alternatives to Cinema APK:

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HD Movies App Download on Fire Stick

Morpheus TV Download on Fire Stick

Prepare FireStick to Install Cinema APK

The very first thing you want to do is enable Apps from the Unknown Sources. By default, this option is disabled. Follow the steps below:

  • Power on your FireStick and from the home-screen, navigate to Settings on the top menu
  • Now go to the option Device
  • Open Developer Options
  • Click Apps from Unknown Sources if it is off and turn it on
  • When the following appears, select Turn on and make sure Apps from Unknown Sources remains enabled

Now you are ready to install Cinema APK on FireStick, which is a third-party app.

How to Install Cinema APK on Amazon Firestick

Now we get to the actual installation process. Since Cinema APK is a third-party app, it must be side loaded on FireStick. For that, you will need to download Cinema APK file manually. To download an APK on FireStick, you need an additional app. We will use the very popular Downloader app.

You can install Downloader from the Amazon Store using the search option on the FireStick home-screen. Or, you may visit our detailed guide on Downloader installation.

Once the Downloader app is installed, follow the steps below to download and install Cinema APK on Fire TV or FireStick:

  • Run the Downloader app
  • Select Home option on the left
  • Click the URL field on the right
  • Enter the following URL and hit GO:

Note: the above URL is case sensitive

link to download cinema apk

  • Wait for the Cinema APK file to download. When the file is installed, the installation automatically starts
  • If you see Next button on the bottom right of the next screen, navigate to it and you will see the Install button in its place. Click the Install button

install cinema apk app

  • Now wait for the Cinema APK on FireStick to install. It won’t take too long.

cinema apk installed using downloader

  • You must now see the following window. Click Open and the Cinema APK app will open. But, for now click Done and go back to Downloader
  • Click Delete on this window and Delete again when the next prompt appears.

delete cinema apk from device

  • This will delete the Cinema APK file on FireStick, which is not needed anymore. It will clear the space on your FireStick storage

Well, this is how you install Cinema APK on Fire TV Cube, FireStick or any version of Fire TV hardware.

You have installed the version Cinema APK v1.2.6. It is the latest version as I write this guide. If there are any new updates, we will let you know.

Cinema APK on Fire TV Using ES File Explorer

While you can install Cinema APK on FireStick using Downloader, I am providing you the installation method because the Downloader app is not available in all the regions.

ES File Explorer is available everywhere and you can download it from the Amazon Store. Again, use the search option on the FireStick home-screen to look up for and install the app. And, we have a detailed guide on how to install ES File Explorer you can visit for reference.

After installing ES File Explorer, open it and follow the steps below:

  • Go to Tools on the left
  • Click Download Manager next
  • Hit on +New on the right (it’s on the bottom)

file explorer options

  • Enter the URL in the Path field and cinema apk (or any other name you like) in the Name field
  • Click Download Now

cinema apk path and url

  • Click Open file on the next screen

open cinema apk on firestick

  • Hit on Install to start the process

install cinema apk on fire stick

  • Click Install again on the bottom right of the next window

install cinema apk app

  • Wait for the installation to finish. You will see the App Installed message when Cinema APK on FireStick has been installed

So, this is how you install the Cinema APK or HD Movies app on FireStick or Fire TV.

Cinema APK Ad Free Download

The Cinema APK app is free. It gives you access to hundreds of movies and shows for free. The app does not charge you any subscription fee or cheat you with any in-app purchases. But, to provide quality services to you and to sustain, the app relies on advertisements.

While using the app, you will encounter some pop-up ads. Though the ads aren’t large in number and not very frequent, they can get a bit irritating. Thankfully, Cinema APK ad free version is also available.

All you need to do is get the APK of this version and follow the steps above to install it.

You may look up for the APK on the internet.

Cinema APK Review

Cinema APK, which is also called HD Movies, is quickly becoming an incredibly popular app for movies and TV shows. This app has gained a lot of traction since the shut down of Terrarium TV. But, even if Terrarium TV had been around, I am confident Cinema APK on FireStick would have made its presence felt.

The app is lightweight. Thus, it is well suited for the device like FireStick with moderate hardware specs. I have also noticed that it uses good scrapers because the links that this app fetches are high quality and offer smooth video playback.

As far as the content collection is concerned, Cinema APK on FireStick is at par with the all the top apps for on-demand movies and shows. I believe that Cinema APK is one of the best alternatives to Terrarium TV. You must try it once. You will know why I like this app so much.