How to Fix & Error in Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18 Leia

If you use one of the popular Kodi addons, there is a chance you must have run into error. This error shows up when you try to playback a video from some sources. In this guide, I will show you how to fix this error and play your favorite videos without any hiccup.

There are essentially two ways to fix the error message. I have outlined both the solutions in this guide. Here, you will also get the overview of what these errors are all about. You encounter this error only with the Openload supported addons. If you are getting the error, I am assuming you are using at least one such addon. Popular addons like Neptune Rising, Exodus, Covenant etc are supported.

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What are and

Openload is a huge repository of free movies, shows, and a whole lot of videos. Almost all the popular on-demand apps and services fetch the playback links from the Openload servers. Their servers receive millions of requests everyday from all around the world.

Since the demand for this source is high, they need to manage traffic in order to offer top-notch experience to their users. They want to make sure that only humans get through to their servers and bots and scripts are blocked out. Therefore, they have screened their server with an authentication process that requires you to verify yourself as a human before gaining access to the content library.

That’s pretty much the reason whey they continue to provide fast and reliable service.

So, the and are the interfaces from where you can pair your devices and access the content library.

Note: or pairing remains valid only for 4 hours. After this time, you must pair again to access Openload content.

Why do you get & error in Kodi?

Technically speaking, this is not an error at all. It is just a prompt to notify you that you must first pair with their server to playback the content on Kodi.

If you are using an OpenLoad supported addon, you will see several links from this source for the video you want to watch. When you try to open a link, you will be asked to pair at if you haven’t already done that. As I have already explained, this must be done to make sure the bots and scripts are filtered out.

How to Fix & Error in Kodi

I will now show you two ways to fix the or error in Kodi. The same fix is applicable for Kodi 17.6 Krypton and Kodi 18 Leia.

Solution 1: Pair your IP address with the Olpair or server

This is an easy way to fix the error. By pairing your IP address, you fix this issue on all your devices using Kodi on the same Wi-Fi network. This is only a temporary solution and works only for a few hours. But, once you run into the error again, you can easily repeat the process and pair the IP address again.

Here are the steps (works on both computer and mobiles):

1) Run any web browser on your device and go to

You should now see the following webpage. This page also has your IP address. This is the IP address you need to pair with their servers.

2) Click or tap the checkbox labelled I’m not a robot. When that’s done, you will see a green checkmark (refer to the image below). This completes the verification and has established that you are a human

3) Now click the Pair button on the bottom

check i am not robot

4) Wait for the pairing to complete. When it’s done, you should see the following in your browser with the message Pairing successful!

pairing is successful

Well, that will be all. Go ahead and return to the device on which you are using Kodi and you would have bypassed the issue. You can play any movies, shows or videos you like from the server

Important! Remember that pairing is tied to your IP address. If the IP address changes, pairing will terminate. This could happen when you are using a VPN. If you choose a different server in VPN, a new IP address will be assigned and hence the pairing with the old IP address will no longer be valid. That shouldn’t be a big problem though. Simply repeat the above pairing steps for the new IP address.

Solution 2: Fix the error in Kodi (disabling Hosters with captchas)

This is more or less a permanent solution for a specific addon in which you disable this setting. However, remember that even though you will not get the error, you will also not be able to play the movies and shows from the Openload server. That’s the compromise you will have to accept. If you wish to continue playing videos from this source, use the first solution instead. And, if it’s alright to not play from this source, follow the steps below:

1) Open Kodi and then go to Add-ons > Video addons

2) Right click (or long press) the addon for which you disable this setting

neptune rising

Or, you may open the addon and go to Tools > Providers

3) You should now see this popup. Open Settings


4) Select Playback on the left and under the File Hosting Filters on the right (in the list of settings) select and disable Hosters with captchas

Click OK on the top-right of the popup to continue

disable captchas

Now reopen the addon and start watching your favorite content. You will notice that the links from Openload or no longer appear.

Here are a few important points to note about this second solution:

  • I have used Neptune Rising as the example in this guide, but you may use it on other supported addons
  • Not all the addons fetch the Openload links for playback
  • You need to follow the steps only for the Openload supported addons


So, here are the two solutions to fix the error that you get while trying to play the movies or shows from the Openload server. The can be used to pair your IP address or you can permanently disable the Hosters with captchas in a supported addons.