How To Install Durex Build On Kodi 18 and 17.6

Kodi is a popular digital media player available on a wide range of device platforms. This media player converts any device into a complete media centre. It can play media from your local storage. But, Kodi is more popular because it lets you play media over the internet (mostly for free). And, to do that, what you need is Kodi addons.

Kodi supports addons for a variety of media including sports, music, live TV, on-demand movies and shows, and a lot more. Usually, one addon caters to a specific media type. For instance, an on-demand addon like Neptune Rising features on-demand movies and shows. SportsDevil addon is dedicated to sports.

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While you may prefer one type of media over another, you may still like watching different type of content at different times. For example, you may be fond of on-demand content, but sometimes you may also want to watch live TV. Therefore, you need to install different addons for each type of media type. That’s not too difficult, but it does need your effort and time.

With Durex Build, things get easier for you. All you need to do is install Durex Build and you get a complete library of various types of addons at your disposal. It comes preloaded with dozens of top-grade addons for all media types including movies, shows, lifestyle, kids, live TV, sports and whatnot. With a single installation, you get access to all of it.

Durex Build is also a delightful transformation from the boring, dull (almost lifeless), interface of default Kodi. Durex Kodi build gives you an entirely new way to interact with Kodi. It has a more colorful and exciting layout.

In this tutorial we will learn to install the Durex Build on Kodi using the Durex Wizard. The method laid out here is applicable to all the Kodi supported platforms including Android Mobiles, Android TVs and Boxes, Amazon FireStick & Fire TV, Windows & Mac computers, and iOS. 

How to Install Durex Build on Kodi:

Kodi has a security mechanism that would not let you install the third-party plugins (addons and builds) by default. Durex Build is a third-party plugin. But, this security system can be bypassed. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Go to the home-screen of Kodi and navigate to the top-left. Click and open Settings

open kodi settings to install durex kodi build

2. When you see the following options, click System Settings

open kodi system settings install durex

3. You should see Add-ons on the left. Click it. Now you can see Unknown Sources on the left with a switch. Drag the switch to the ON position if it is OFF


kodi unknown sources

4. When prompted, click Yes

Do not worry about this warning message. Durex Kodi Build is safe.

kodi unknown sources yes

You have successfully set up Kodi to install Durex Build. We can now get started. The process is long, but I have broken it down into following two parts to make things easier:

  • Part 1: Install Durex Wizard on Kodi
  • Part 2: Install Durex Build from the Durex Wizard

We will now go through each part one by one.

Part 1: Install Durex Wizard on Kodi

Durex Wizard contains the inventory of several builds including the Durex Kodi Build. Here is how we install Durex Wizard:

1. Open Kodi Settings again from the home-screen (the cog icon)

open kodi settings to install durex kodi build

2. Open the File manager from the following set of options

kodi file manager - open to install durex

3. Open the option Add source when you see the following window

kodi add source

4. On this window, click the <None> option

kodi add source 2

5.  Type in the following URL in the empty space provided on the next screen using the onscreen keyboard:

Click OK

durex kodi build

6. You will now be back on the same window on which you clicked <None> earlier. Now, select the Enter a name for this media source space and type in a name for the source.

It could be any name of your choice. I want to keep things relevant so I am entering durex

Click OK

enter a path name

7. Now, go back to the main-screen of Kodi and click Add-ons

addons on kodi 18

8. Open the Package Installer icon that you see on the top-left (refer to the image below). I am talking about the open-box icon.

durex kodi install from zip

9. On the next window, select Install from zip file

10. A new window will pop and you could see durex (or any other name you added earlier). Go ahead and click it.

click on durex

11. Next, click

Note that the file number is 6.3 while I write this tutorial. If the version is updated, you may see a different number. It doesn’t matter. Still click the file.

durex kodi build

12. Now wait for about 3-4 minutes until you see the following notification on the upper right corner of the next screen.

successfully installed durex kodi build

Now, this notification means that you have successfully installed the Durex Wizard.

13. When the Durex Wizard is installed, three popups will appear consecutively. Following is the first popup. Click Dismiss to proceed.

click dismiss to proceed

14. This is the second popup. If you want to enable any settings, go ahead and make the selection.

Click Continue

click on continue

15. When the third popup shows, click Ignore.

Note: If you click Build Menu you will be taken the list of the builds. That’s where we eventually want to go. However, I want to show you how to get there from the main-screen of Kodi. That’s why I am clicking Ignore at this moment.

click on ignore

We will now learn how to install Durex Kodi Build using the Durex Wizard

Part 2: Install Durex Build on Kodi

Durex Wizard is currently hosted only to the Durex Kodi build. Here is how you can install this build:

1. You need to be on the main-screen of Kodi now. From there, go ahead and go to Add-ons > Program addons

2. Now, go ahead and click the Durex Wizard icon in Program addons

click on durex wizard

3. When Durex Wizard opens, click Builds (as shown in the picture below)

click builids

4. You should now see the list of the servers through which the Durex Kodi build is available. I am going to install it from the first server (it worked for me). If it doesn’t work for you, select any other server.

select a server

5. Now you must choose whether you want the Fresh Install and wipe out Kodi completely clean or Standard Install and probably retain some data.

I recommend Fresh Install because Kodi builds are packed with preloaded addons. Also, builds perform better when installed without any existing, conflicting data. Furthermore, Standard Install hardly retains any data anyway.

click on fresh install

6. If you chose Fresh Install, this is the pop you see. Click Continue to confirm that you wish to restore Kodi to the default.

click on continue

7. Durex Kodi build installation will thus begin. Allow it a few minutes to complete.

durex kodi build installation will take sometime

8. Upon the conclusion of installation, the following prompt appears.

Even though it seems there are two choices, practically there is only one. Force Close is better as Reload Profile will only hang Kodi.

click on force close

So, here we are. You have successfully installed Durex Build on Kodi.

Explore Durex Build:

Let me give you a quick overview of Durex Build as you will explore the build and experience most of it by yourself.

Note: Like any other build, when you run Durex Build for the first time, you will notice that it runs some updates. It is important to allow the updates to run. The updates will keep your build in the best shape and offer optimal performance. Updates will also ensure you have up to date addons.

When the updates are finished, you can start exploring Durex Build on Kodi.

As you see, the home-screen of Durex Build is completely different from the default home-screen of Kodi. It is more colorful and the layout is also totally different.


Instead of being snapped to the left as a sidebar, the main menu bar is placed horizontally across the length of the home-screen of Durex Build somewhere around the middle. You can cycle through the menu bar and move it left or right. The main menu bar has options like Movies, TV Shows, Add-ons, etc.

successfully installed durex build kodi

Snapped along the main menu bar is the submenu bar. The options in the submenu are contextually based upon the item chosen in the main menu bar. So, when I choose Movies in the main menu, I see the relevant options in the submenu. I also see the featured addons on the bottom for Movies.

You can also click an item in the menu bar or submenu bar to open its options further in a separate screen.

Everything you need can be accessed through the menu bar.

Addons are the lifeline of any build or for that matter Kodi. Durex Build has some of the most popularly used add-ons like Placenta, Neptune Rising, Uranus, Genesis Reborn, Numbers, etc. You can see that right on the home screen when I select Movies or say TV Shows.

But, what you see on the home screen is not the complete list of addons. Select Add-ons from the main-menu on the home-screen and click Video addons. Here, you will see the complete list of preinstalled addons.

Durex Build has addons for movies, shows, sports, and just about everything you can ask for.

Wrappping Up:

So, now you see how to install the Durex Kodi Build. I am a huge fan of Kodi builds and keep switching between a bunch of builds I have handpicked. Kodi Durex Build is one of my favorites. This lightweight build looks appealing. But, it is also functional. With plenty of video addons for all my entertainment needs, this build easily ranks among the best Kodi builds.