How to Install Downloader App on Firestick & Fire Tv Cube

FireStick users often feel the need to install third-party apps that they cannot find in the Amazon Store. FireStick is an Android device and you need APK file of an app you wish to sideload on the Android platform. Getting the APK on FireStick is not exactly straightforward unless you are using a tool which facilitates APK download. This is precisely why you need an app that lets you quickly download the APK from the source. In this guide, I will tell you how to install Downloader app on FireStick in easy steps. Keep reading!

Downloader is undeniably one of the most popular side-loading tools for FireStick and Fire TV devices. This, no-frill, no-hassles app makes side load an absolutely uncomplicated process. Almost every FireStick user side loads apps on FireStick at some time or the other. This makes Downloader a FireStick essential. Downloader is lightweight and fast and there is every reason why you should have it.

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If you have Downloader app on Firestick,

Steps to Install Downloader App on FireStick

Downloader app is hosted in the Amazon Store in most regions. Therefore, the installation method is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps:

#1 Power up your FireStick device and then from the home-screen go to the search function (top leftmost) using the remote

firestick home screen

#2 Use the onscreen keyboard and look up for the Downloader app. When you have entered the first few letters, you will see the name of the app in the suggestions/search results below

Use the remote to select and click the option ‘Downloader’ app

search downloader app

#3 The next screen will show the Downloader app icon already selected. Go ahead and click it

click downloader app

#4 Now, simply click the ‘Download’ button on the following screen. FireStick will begin to download and install the app. You will notice that it takes only a couple of minutes for the process to complete.

download downloader app

#5 When Downloader has been installed, you will see the ‘Open’ option in place of the ‘Download’ button. If you want to run the app immediately, click Open. If you want to use the app some other time, you can always go to Your Apps & Channels. This is the complete list of all your installed apps where you will also find Downloader

#6 To go to ‘Your Apps & Channels’ press and hold the Home key on your FireStick remote for about 5 seconds. Click ‘Apps’ when the following screen appears

This is how you install Downloader app on FireStick.

Enable JavaScript to Use Downloader App

Before you start using the Downloader to side load other apps, there is something in the Settings you need to change. You need to enable JavaScript. If the JavaScript is disabled, some webpages may not load preventing you from installing the apps. Here is how you can enable JavaScript:

#1 Open Downloader app and select Settings options from the menu on left

downloader app settings

#2 Now, scroll down to ‘Enable JavaScript’ and click the checkbox next to it on the right to turn it on or to enable it

#3 You will see JavaScript Warning. Click ‘Yes’ to continue

enable java script options

JavaScript is disabled by default for security purposes. Keeping it disabled lets some pages load faster. But, you may need JavaScript enabled for some pages to work. If you don’t want to keep it enabled all the time, simply enable it if a page is not loading properly and later disable it again after you are done using the page.


Downloader is a FireStick essential (well at least that’s what I have experienced as a regular user of this device). This app is incredibly easy to use and lets you side load any app of your choice in quick and easy steps. It is available on Amazon Store in most regions including the USA. If you can’t look it up on Amazon Store, you can change the region settings within your Amazon account.