30 Best Kodi Builds For October 2018 | Up to Date & Working Kodi Builds For You

Kodi Builds are collection of Add-ons. It’s been more than one and a half decade since Kodi was first released. Back then, Kodi was known as XBMC and was an Xbox exclusive application. Things have changed dramatically over the years. Today, Kodi is a multi-platform media player supported on numerous devices. You can run Kodi on Amazon FireStick, Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS and Android mobiles, tablets and TV devices.

Kodi is known to provide free entertainment using the abundantly available video addons. Kodi Addons are like the plugins that you install on Kodi and fetch the video content from servers across the world. And then there are Kodi builds, which we have dedicated this article to. A Kodi build makes your Kodi experience a lot more amazing.

What is a Kodi Build?

There are three major aspects of Kodi. First, its navigation structure provided by its UI. Second, Top Kodi addons that play the most important role in letting you watch your favorite content. Third, its skin that contributes to its appearance.

A Kodi Build is a plugin that encompasses all the three into one and delivers you a complete package of entertainment. The Kodi builds come with their own skins, interface and the navigation structure, which are completely different from the default Kodi without the build. These Kodi builds completely changes the way Kodi looks and how you interact with it.

But, the most important thing is that a Kodi build comes with the preloaded/preinstalled addons. A good Kodi build will feature the trendiest and most happening Kodi addons. When preinstalled addons, you not only save time but also a great deal of efforts. If you have default Kodi without build, you need to install each addon separately. But, when you get a bunch of addons preinstalled, all you need to do is get going with watching your favorite content.

A build offers you a whole new Kodi experience, which you could never have with the default Kodi. This is why, I decided to introduce you to the top Kodi builds of 2018. Keep reading!

best kodi builds 2018

Kodi Builds Pros and Cons

 Builds are great, but they do have their own set of pros and cons. Let’s look at them.


  • Builds transform the appearance of Kodi making it visually more appealing and exciting
  • Most builds offer intuitive interface that facilitates ease of use and smoother navigation
  • Kodi builds come with preloaded video and program addons. It saves you effort and time as you do not have to install them one by one
  • Most builds offer automatic updates of addons and skins. This makes sure that Kodi is always up to date
  • ​Cons:

  • A lot of Kodi builds have been shut down in the recent past. The support for builds sometimes ends rather suddenly
  • Builds are heavier than the default Kodi.
  • ​Hence they may affect the performance. It is advisable to choose the build apt for your hardware
  • ​Best Kodi Builds in 2018

    Most builds are alright but some builds are just awesome. So, allow me the opportunity to introduce you to the top Kodi builds this year. Here comes the list.

    ​4 Most Trending Kodi Builds Right Now

    First, we will take a look at the top 4 Kodi builds and later we discover the other popular builds.

    ​1. Titanium Build

    I have absolutely no doubt that Titanium Kodi build is one of the best builds of today. Titanium has remained as an incredibly popular build for a long time and continues to do so. Available on the Supreme Builds Wizard, a very popular builds and maintenance tool for Kodi, Titanium build brings to you a wealth of video addons for all your entertainment needs.

    Want to watch a movie? You will find many movie addons. You will also find multiple addons for TV episodes, live TV, kids programs, sports, news, live TV and a lot more. You will find addons like Placenta, Neptune Rising, Uranus, Mobdina, UK Turks Playlists, SportsDevil, and a lot more.

    Titanium is the most comprehensive Kodi build I have come across recently. It has an appealing interface that is not only a visual delight but also very functional. The layout of Titanium Kodi Build is extremely well organized and allows for quick and easy navigation. Besides the video addons, you will find plenty of utility and program addons as well to keep your Kodi tiptop. If you are looking for a Kodi build, Titanium Build is a must try.

    ​2. No Limits Magic Build

    When it comes to popularity, I guess No Limits Magic Build and Titanium Build go shoulder to shoulder. It is true that Titanium Kodi build has ruled the roost for long, but No Limits Magic build has caught up solid and fast. When you start using the build, you realize why it has become so incredibly popular.

    What you get with the build is an impressive collection of preinstalled addons. You have just about everything you need including Covenant, Elysium, Duckpool, SportsDevil, Planet MMA, and the list just goes on. Movies or TV episodes, live TV or sports, there is everything here. And, of course, there are lots of utility tools as well.

    No Limits Magic Kodi build is backed by a team of active developers. They keep updating the build with the bug fixes and patches every now and then. I have also noticed that they also add new addons to it every now and then.

    The interface of this Kodi build is slick, making sure you have no difficulty navigating through its architecture. Most frequently used items are found on the homescreen on the cyclic Menu bar and submenu bar. The homescreen also displays the featured addons in various categories including Movies, TV Shows, Live TV etc. Go ahead and install this build and I am confident you will love it.

    ​3. MisFit Mod Lite

    Misfit Mod build used to work fine, but for some reason it is no longer functional. But, you can install the stripped down (only slightly) version of this build called MisFit Mod Lite. Being a Lite build, one might get the impression that it lacks features and functions. But, that’s far from the truth. MisFit Mod Lite is a solid build with many quality addons and loads of features.

    This build works great on all the Kodi platforms, even the ones that are not too big on the hardware. It is also apt for the remote-controlled TV devices, such as FireStick. The interface of Misfit Mod Lite Kodi build is simple, almost minimal, and easy to use.

    Misfit Mod Lite packs many popular addons including SportsDevil, Crackle, GoodFellas, and more. There is an addon for every type of video you could ask to watch including movies, shows, sports, educational, kids, live TV and more.

    Many builds have been shut down recently, but Misfit Mod Lite continues to be supported by a team of developers. You will find regular updates and bug fixes. If you are looking for a lightweight Kodi build, with many features and functions, I recommend using Misfit Mod Lite

    ​4. CellarDoor TV

    Many Kodi builds had to shut shops due to recent crackdowns. But, these crackdowns were not all that bad. When many builds were taken out of the picture, several others came to limelight and CellarDoor TV Kodi build is one of them.

    CellarDoor TV build became popular because of many reasons and not just because we had few options left. This build packs a solid collection of preinstalled Kodi addons for all kinds of entertainment. With addons like Elysium, Covenant, Specto, BoB Unleashed, Exodus, you can watch your favorite movies and shows, live TV channels, and a lot more.

    I also like the interface of CellarDoor TV, which gives the sense of minimalism without losing on the vital elements every Kodi build must carry. The homescreen is neatly designed with cyclic menu bar. The items you need frequently are quickly found on the home-screen. For everything else, you can navigate without any hassles. All in all, CellarDoor TV is a pretty solid build and I recommend you give it a try.

    ​More Up to Date & 100 % Working Kodi Builds

    That was the list of the most popular Kodi builds these days. The builds we talked about above are great. But, these are not the only options. There are plenty of Kodi builds for you to explore. And, they are good too. So, here is the list of more builds.

    ​1. Plutonium

    Plutonium is the name of the Kodi build we have begin to hear more regularly these days. This build has emerged as one of the most widely used builds and it could have easily been the part of the most trending builds. This lightweight build is suited for all the Kodi devices and features some cool addons like SportsDevil, Copy & Paste, Yoda, Argon Live, Supremacy and several more.

    Plutonium offers smoot performance even on low-spec devices like FireStick. I have used this build myself and found it quite impressive. I recommend you to give it a try. I am confident you will like it.

    2. Durex

    Durex is another very popular Kodi build and has constantly featured among the top builds almost everywhere. This build brings to you the ease of use and top performance. It is also a lightweight Kodi build with a simple interface. This build lets you watch hundreds of movies and shows as it comes preloaded with some trendy addons.

    Covenant, Elysium, Duck Pool, BoB Unleashed, SportsDevil, Mobdina are some of the popular addons this Kodi build deploys during installation. With these addons you can be sure that entertainment will be endless. If you are a live TV fan, you will find plenty of beef here.

    3. Equinox

    If you are looking for a Kodi build that is fast, lightweight and can work on any Kodi device, then look no further. Equinox build for Kodi is designed to offer everything you need. Movies, TV shows, sports, live TV and whatnot.

    It also boasts of some of the most popular Kodi addons including Covenant, Supremacy, Maverick, Bob Unleashed and many more. In fact, the live TV section of this Kodi build is the highlight. There are many options to watch your favorite TV channels for free. It also has the premium IPTV section wherein you can buy the premium service and watch TV in higher quality.

    4. Collusion Build

    Collusion Kodi build has recently become rapidly popular for several reasons. First, it is a lightweight build that can work swiftly on any Kodi device. Its interface is remote friendly, allowing it to be used without any hassles on FireStick and other remote-controlled devices. This build also packs a host of quality addons for all types of media. Some of its popular addons including: Placenta, Planet MMA, The Dogs Bollocks, Maverick TV, SportsDevil and many more.

    This Kodi build is meant for high performance and hence you will only find basic elements here. Yet, it never deprives you of the entertainment you need. Go ahead and give it a try.

    5. Nova

    This is another Kodi build I have tried only recently and was convinced that it should be a part of this list. Just like the few other builds we have talked about, Nova Kodi build is lightweight and takes very little time to install no matter the device you are using Kodi on.

    Despite its small size, Nova manages to pack big names in the world of addons such as Placenta, Neptune Rising, BoB Unleashed, YouTube, Trident and many more. Nova features a simple and easy to use interface. You can navigate to the items and options quickly.

    6. JayHawk Media

    JayHawk Media is not a single Kodi build but a collection of many Kodi builds. To get the build of your choice, all you need to do is install the JayHawk Wizard from this source. From the Wizard you can install one of the many builds this source has to offer. Hawks Master Build is the trendiest build available on this Wizard.

    Hawks Master Build may not be the best Kodi build, but it is worth a shot. You will find many popular addons here such as Placenta, Phoenix, SportsDevil and more.

    7. Quest Media

    Quest Media is from the same developers who have created Supreme Builds Wizard and Titanium Build. Of course, Quest Media is neither as good nor as popular as Titanium Build. However, I find it interesting for a variety of reasons. What I like the most is that it is lightweight and works on all the Kodi devices without any hiccups. At the same time, it offers many top-quality addons for all types of media needs.

    With addons like Neptune Rising, SportsDevil, Incursion, YouTube I am guaranteed numerous hours of entertainment any day.

    8. Duff X

    If you are an Xbox user looking for a perfect build optimized for this platform, Duff X Kodi build is what you would want to consider. The first look at the build and you will know it has been designed for Xbox. However, don’t be mistaken. It works equally well on nearly all the Kodi supported devices including Amazon FireStick.

    Duff X preloads many awesome addons for all your video needs including Placenta, Yoda, Genesis Reborn, Covenant, Supremacy, YouTube and many more.

    9. Outkasts

    Outkasts is one of the most richly designed Kodi builds. The developers made sure that this build had all the features and all the popular addons any Kodi user would ever want. The graphics and interface of this build are simply amazing. But, all that makes Outkasts bulkier than most other builds. This is probably the reason why it is not as popular as it could have been.

    Outkasts brings to you the best Kodi addons including Neptune Rising, Covenant, YouTube, BoB Unleashed, Rising Tide, UK Turks Playlists and plenty more.

    10. BK Links Kodi Build

    BK Links is the name that once consistently used to appear among the top 3 builds not a very long time ago. But, things have changed. That’s not because the quality of the build has declined over time. The quality of the content remains the same. But, the build is now hardly supported and is often unavailable. As a Kodi user I am looking for consistency in performance and availability, which BK Links fails to deliver.

    The vestiges of its greatness remain that compel me to still include this Kodi build in this list, albeit a bit farther down. If you manage to install this build, you will find a series of top-grade addons such as Placenta, Neptune Rising, SportsDevil, The Dogs Bollocks, WolfPack and more.

    11. Fire TV Guru

    Fire TV Guru was once the most sought after Kodi build for Fire TV and FireStick devices. Especially designed and customized for remote-controlled devices, this Kodi build delivered top performance and high-quality entertainment. What’s changed now? Unfortunately, this build, just like BK Links, does not offer the same level of consistency as it used to. In fact, often its servers are down and you can’t even install it.

    If you could somehow get your hands on this Kodi build, you will discover endless options for entertainment. Its interface is neat and build in the likeness of FireStick.

    12. Kryptikz ZT Build

    Kryptikz ZT is a Kodi build that brings you the content from all around the world through its big collection of top-rated addons. Whether you are looking for animation, anime, live TV channels, on-demand movies and TV episodes, Kryptikz ZT Kodi build has you covered. You will find plenty of beef on all entertainment fronts here.

    Kryptikz ZT features a simple and very easy to use interface. This lightweight Kodi build works smoothly on FireStick and all the Kodi devices. UK Turks Playlists, YouTube, Supremacy, Maverick, are some of the addons featured in this Kodi build. 

    13. Diggz Fire

    This is another Kodi build you would want to try if you are looking for top-notch entertainment through your media player. Diggz Fire is available from the JDiggz repo and currently has two variants. I prefer the Xenon version because it is lightweight and can work without any hassles on all the Kodi devices. Xenon is also better designed than the other variant called Twilight. Whether you want movies, sports, tv episodes, IPTV, cartoons, Diggz Fire has everything for you. The interface is neat and uncluttered allowing you quick and easy navigation. It is a wonderful build to try.

    14. Ukodi1 Builds

    Ukodi1 packs a collection of multiple Kodi builds and you can get them from the Ukodi Wizard. All you need to do is install this Wizard and through the Builds Menu you can install your favorite Ukodi1 build. All the builds are good, but Ultima is my personal favorite. It is small in size and large in features. It bundles several popular preinstalled addons including Neptune Rising, Placenta, YouTube, Cerebrus, and many more.

    Ukodi1 builds are known for their appealing interface, which not only looks good but also offers functionality. Ultima build is perfect for all sorts of Kodi devices.

    15. Spinz TV Build

    If you are looking for a Kodi build that’s big on IPTV, you should be looking at the Spinz TV Build. While this build packs many preinstalled addons for on-demand content, its major highlight is the IPTV content. You can watch all the live channels you want from all around the world.

    A lot of its content is free. But, if you want high-quality live TV service, it would be a good idea to opt for the premium subscription. Even though it is paid, it will give you access to the premium channels and still save you a lot of money as compared to the traditional cable TV subscription.

    16. Spark Build

    Spark Build is probably the most customizable Kodi build you will find these days. This build is with a difference as far as its user interface is concerned. In fact, the interface is quite uniquely designed as compared to other Kodi builds. Instead of a cyclic menu bar in the middle, its menu bar is snapped to the left and is retractable.

    There is no shortage of video content as Spark Kodi build has several popular addons such as Elysium, Exodus, GoodFellas, YouTube etc. Movies, Music, Live TV and shows, you get everything here.

    17. SchismTV

    SchismTV is another Kodi build that offers many ways to customize the skin and the interface. But, that’s not all this build is about. SchismTV offers loads of video content through a variety of cool addons. No matter whether you like sports, premium TV channels, on-demand movies, TV shows, music, this Kodi build has you covered.

    One big problem with SchismTV Kodi build these days is that it goes offline every now and then. There is a chance you may run into a non-functional server while trying to install this Kodi build. If this build doesn’t work, don’t worry. There are many more you can try.

    18. Duggz Build

    Duggz is the Kodi build that brings to you the high-quality entertainment in up to 4K resolution. It also has limited 3D content if your device supports it. Covenant, Nemesis, Flixanity, are some addons that come preinstalled with the Duggz Build. There are options to watch live TV, sports, kids programs, movies and shows.

    Duggz can be used on any Kodi device. But, it really shines when you use it on the bigger screen of your TV on devices like Android Box or Amazon FireStick.

    19. Pulse CCM

    Yet another Kodi build you can try if you are bored of the more popular builds. Pulse CCM build is not very popular but it is not a new build. It has been there for several years. The good news is that the build is still supported by its developers. That’s evident from the fact that it keeps getting regular updates.

    Pulse CCM is not the greatest Kodi build, but I like it for its small size and ability to provide fuss-free entertainment.

    20. Boom Shakalaka Build

    Boom Shakalaka is a Kodi build you may not have heard of yet. I stumbled upon it recently and thought of giving it a try. I was not disappointed at all. This simple, yet functional build has a lot to offer. It would have been remiss of me to not mention it here.

    This Kodi build is suited for all age groups. It has a special section for Kids from where hundreds of cartoon, animation and anime videos can be played. It also has a special sports section for all the sports lovers out there.

    21. Spinz TV Fury Reloaded

    Spinz TV has given us many top-quality Kodi builds over the years and Spinz TV Fury Reloaded is no exception. This Kodi build is a bit unique in the way its interface is laid out. Instead of the conventional, cyclic menu bar that runs horizontally across from around the middle of the screen, you will find the retractable menu bar aligned to the top.

    Even though this Kodi build focusses primarily on the live TV content, there is a lot of beef for those looking for on-demand content too.

    22. Tomb Raider Krypton Kodi Build

    Inspired by the very popular game series Tomb Raider, this Kodi build has a lot of content to offer. I have used this build very briefly. That’s not because the build is not good but because there are so many better than this. But, you may want to give it a try if you are a Tomb Raider or Lara Croft fan.

    With this Kodi build you can watch your favorite movies (old and new), TV shows (latest and older seasons), live TV (including premium channels), sports, and a lot more.

    23. Cosmic Saints 4K

    Yes, if you want to watch your favorite content in the Ultra HD, 4K quality then Cosmic Saints 4K Kodi build would be the perfect pick for you. Cosmic Saints is not a new build but it saw a complete overhaul and makeover only a few months ago. It has been updated with the best items that any top-quality build can offer.

    The most notable thing about this Kodi build is that it is very well supported. You will find regular updates and fixes from time to time. Content wise, you can explore the best movies, top TV shows, live TV and a lot more.

    24. Xenon Build

    With so many Kodi builds falling apart, having a build with a fresh visual appeal and multiple features comes as delight. Let me present to you Xenon Build, a relatively new Kodi build, with loads of preinstalled addons for binge-watching endlessly.

    Xenon Build works on all the Kodi platforms, but shines most when you use it on the TV devices, such as Amazon FireStick or Android TVs and Boxes. This remote-friendly build can change your entertainment experience on the larger screen. The simple, yet elegant design is a treat for the eyes. This Kodi build is also very easy to use and navigate.

    25. Dominus

    Dominus is a Kodi build that many Kodi users may not have heard of. In fact, it was a matter of chance I ran into it not a long time ago. While Dominus is not the best Kodi build, I like it because it is light and offers many features and addons. Whether you are using Kodi on a computer, mobile device or a remote-controlled TV device, Dominus will run smoothly on all.

    For entertainment needs, there are top-notch video addons that offer Live TV, sports, shows, movies and whatnot. This build is definitely worth trying.

    26. Hard Nox

    Hard Nox Kodi build may be so far down the list but do not be mistaken. It is pretty solid build with a lot to offer to you. Hard Nox has a futuristic look and will appeal to the nerdy in you. It is a simple and elegantly designed Kodi build with plenty of top addons. Just like the other builds, Hard Nox lets you watch movies, shows and just about everything else you can think of.

    The Wrap Up

    So, that’s our list of the top Kodi builds of 2018. But, be assured that this list neither final nor conclusive. As and when I discover new and exciting builds, I will add them here. It would be a good idea to bookmark this article so that you may remain up to date with what is new in the world of the builds. Using a build over the default Kodi makes things a little more exciting for many. I personally use builds on most my devices.