60 Best Kodi Addons For October 2018 | 100% Working Kodi Add-ons For Krypton 17.6 & Leia 18

Kodi is a big deal these days. But, if not for addons, it wouldn’t be that big a deal. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the Kodi addons are the lifeline of this media player. Addons are the tool that connect you to the endless pool of movies and TV shows through Kodi. It is the top Kodi addons that scour the web and fetch the links of the content you want to watch. Whether you want to watch movies, shows, sports, or live TV, you will need an addon that can get you the content.18

Since Kodi 18 is an open-source media tool, it allows independent developers to create addons and builds. As a result, there are literally hundreds of Kodi addons out there. That’s incredible as it affords you the opportunity to choose the addons most suited to your needs. But, that’s also a problem. Picking the right addon isn’t always easy. Not all addons are equally well developed. Therefore, I decided to pick the best Kodi addons for various types of content and make the choice making process easier for you. So, here is the list of the top Kodi addons For Movies, Sports, Live Tv and Music etc.

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To install these top kodi add-ons on Firestick, you must have installed Kodi on Fire Stick. If you have not done that yet, read our article on How to Install Kodi on FireStick

best kodi addons

Best Kodi Addons in 2018

Here is the list of the top Kodi addons that have remained the favorite of Kodi users and continue to do so:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Neptune Rising
  4. Uranus
  5. Placenta
  6. Maverick
  7. Incursion

Which is your favourite Kodi Add-on?

New Best Kodi Addons

Even though the old Kodi addons keep getting shutdown, new ones keep emerging. So, here is the list of the best new Kodi addons.


Abyss is an on-demand Kodi addon but with a different flavor. This addon brings to you the content you wouldn’t easily find anywhere else. It has a huge collection of retro movies from as far back as 1950s. At the same time, it also features the latest movies and TV shows. It has special section for sports, which primarily focusses on MMA. You will find plenty of content for kids as well.

Sports Recaps

sports recaps kodi addonAs the name suggests, Sports Recaps is a new Kodi addon created for the sports lovers. Whether you want to watch Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, or any other sport, it has everything you need. Besides the live coverage of sports and sporting events, Sports Recaps also brings to you the recordings of various sports.

Movie Theatre Butter

movie theatre butter kodi addonMovie Theater Butter is your conventional on-demand addon. Just like the popular Kodi addons like Placenta, Exodus and Neptune Rising, this addon offers you a wide collection of movies and TV shows. Even though it is a new addon, its scrapers are extremely effective and fetch you the multiple links for your favorite content. If you like movies and shows, this is the addon you will want to try.

Tubi TV

tubi tv kodi addonsTube TV could have easily been your regular on-demand app but for the distinct categories it features. Yes, you will find your favorite movies and shows here. But, it goes farther than that. It organizes the content in unusual categories, such as martial arts. It also has a special section for indie films. Besides movies and shows, it also provides recording of various entertainment events.

Zim Kodi Kids

zim kodi kids addonThe name clearly gives it away. This is among the top Kodi addons because it is probably the only addon dedicated to Kids content. From Anime content to just about everything that is related to kids, Zim Kodi Kids has everything. It is a perfect addon to install on the devices the kids use.

Click Here

click here best kodi addonsThe name of the addons seems a bit awkward, but the addon itself is quite decent. Click Here is an on-demand addon that primarily features movies and shows in English from the USA and UK. The content is neatly categorized allowing you for easy and quick navigation. You can look up for the content by year, genre etc.


deveit kodi addonDeceit is also a new entrant in the world of the top Kodi addons. Despite being relatively new, Deceit has made its mark rather quickly. It has a superb collection of your favorite movies and shows. You can start watching anything you like in just a few clicks. Deceit also supports integration of third-party services like Trakt and Real Debrid. If you like on-demand content, Deceit is worth a try.

The Magic Dragon

the magic dragon kodi addonThere are plenty of on-demand Kodi addons out there. Some are really cool, others not so much. The big challenge is many keep shutting down rather regularly. That’s the reason why we need good alternatives. The Magic Dragon offers you the on-demand content in the form of latest shows and movies. At the same time, it features unique content including various radio channels. The Magic Dragon is worthy trying.

The Kratos

the kratos kodi addonIf you are an Exodus fan and for some reason your favorite addon isn’t working, you could give The Kratos a try. It is indeed a fork of Exodus and has nearly everything you can expect from it. In fact, it looks a bit more refined than its parent addon. That’s why I reckoned it would be a good idea to feature it among the best Kodi addons.

Aragon Live TV

aragon live tv kodiYou must have noticed that the new on-demand Kodi addons appear quicker than the live TV addons for Kodi. That’s because it takes a lot more time and effort to create such addons. Thankfully, there is a great new entry to the list of Live TV addons and it is called Aragon Live TV. This addon has many satellite channels form many parts of the world. If you are a fan of watching live TV on Kodi, Aragon might just be it.

Best Kodi Addons For Movies

We love to watch movies on our mobiles and TV. Kodi brings entertainment to you on all these platforms. So, here comes the list of best Kodi addons for movies:


placenta kodi addonIf you have been using Kodi for a while, you must have heard of the ever popular addons, Exodus and Covenant. Unfortunately, these addons are not reliable anymore. They keep getting shutdown and revived frequently. But, if you want to watch movies without any hiccups, you can always rely on Placenta. It is the fork of Covenant and one of the best Kodi addons for movies at present.


covenant best kodi addons for moviesYes, I know I just said Covenant is not reliable. But, this addon still carries the relics of its greatness and even when it is stumbling, I recommend giving it a try. When it works, it works really well. Covenant used to be among the best Kodi movie addons. Surprisingly, it is still trusted by hundreds of thousands of Kodi users worldwide


exodus kodi addonOf course, if I talked about Covenant, I had to talk about Exodus as well. After all, it also once used to be one of the best Kodi addons for on-demand content. Exodus keeps reappearing from time to time and just like Covenant, when it is up, it works well. There is a huge collection of movies including new and old. It uses the latest scrapers to fetch you the best links. Here you can read How to Install Exodus Kodi Addon

Genesis Reborn

genesis reborn kodi addonGenesis was once an extremely popular addon for on-demand content on Kodi. But, it was shutdown like many others. However, it has been resurrected and aptly named Genesis Reborn. This addon was reborn with the same set of features as its predecessors and even more. It is considered as one of the top Kodi movie addons of today.

Neptune Rising

neptune rising kodi addonNeptune Rising is one of the most preferred Kodi addons of the present day. This addon has a humungous collection of on-demand content including your favorite movies. This is the addon I have seen preinstalled with almost all the popular Kodi builds. If you are a Kodi user who likes to watch movies, Neptune Rising is one of the essentials for you.


Uranus is also one of the best Kodi addons these days for movies and TV shows. This addon is a fork of Covenant and Exodus and brings to you a huge range of content. You will find all the latest movies and TV show seasons and episodes on Uranus. This addon has been around for a few months and has proven to be reliable. It uses top-grade scrapers to offer you high-quality links for the chosen title.


poseidon kodi addonWe don’t get to hear a lot about Poseidon these days. But, make no mistakes. It is indeed one of the most amazing Kodi addons you would ever get. In fact, there was once a time when this addon regularly featured among the top Kodi addons. It has nearly all the movies you would like to watch. Go ahead and give it a try.


universe hd kodi addonUniverseHD is also one of the trusted Kodi movie addons. It has an impressive assortment of different genres of movies from around the world. You can even watch movies in 3D if you have a 3D compatible device. The best thing about this addon is that it doesn’t keep you waiting while fetching the working links. Just one tap or click and you are ready to play your favorite title.


incursion kodi addonIncursion is one of the most widely used Kodi repositories. It also has an eponymous addon (of course named Incursion). The incursion addon has gained a lot of popularity these days, largely owing to the fact that many other popular movie addons are being shut down. It is like the other Kodi addons for movies on this list. It has a large collection of movies including the latest releases. Incursion also has an impressive library of TV shows.

Best Kodi Addons For Sports

Are you a sports enthusiast? If yes, you will want to learn about the best Kodi addons for sports. So, here is our list.


sports devil kodi addonsWhen I think about sports Kodi addons, SportsDevil is the first name that runs through my head. As far as sports is concerned, SportsDevil is the holy grail of Kodi addons. You name a sport and this addon has it. This addon covers sports and sports events from around the world. What I really like about this addon is that most of its content links are working almost all the time and play the content with just one click. If you like watching sports on Kodi, SportsDevil is a must have for you.

Install SportsDevil on Kodi

Sports Matrix

sports matrix kodi addonIf you are a PPV fan then Sports Matrix addon is just perfect for you. In fact, PPV is the reason why Sports Matrix stands apart from the other Kodi addons. Whether its wrestling or UFC, you can watch just about anything here. It is a fast and stable addon with lots of playable links. However, if PPV is not your thing, there isn’t a great deal of beef here.

Just Sports Kodi

just sports kodi addonJust Sports Kodi is one of the neatest looking Kodi addons for sports. This addon brings to you the live sports TV from around the world. It features the top sports channels and lets you watch live TV on your device with incredible ease. The first look at the addon homescreen does not reveal much, as there are only 5 categories. But, when you dig further, its huge collection is unravelled.


veilside kodi addonVeilside isn’t exactly the sports dedicated addon. However, its collection of sports related content is so huge that it shadows everything else. While this addon lets you watch movies and TV shows, there are other addons for such media. Get Veilside Kodi addon for sports content. This addon lets you watch live sports from all around the world.

Sports Replays R Us

sports replays r us kodi addonIf you want to watch the highlights and replays of your favorite sports, this is one of the best Kodi addons for sports. Sports Replays R Us brings to you the highlights of all your favorite sports including Soccer, Football, F1, Tennis, Boxing and just about everything you can think of. If you couldn’t watch the live coverage of your favorite sport, have no worries as this addon will let you watch the replays and highlights.

Pure Sports

pure sports kodi addonPure Sports is another Kodi addon to watch live sports. You will find a huge collection of live sports channels from all over the world. It covers just about every sport you can think of including Football, NBA, NFL, MMA, Cricket, Boxing and a lot more. The mere collection of live sports channels makes this addon meritorious of mention in this top Kodi addons list.

Golden Gloves

You may have already figured that Golden Gloves addon is all about boxing. For all the pugilist spirits out there, Golden Gloves is the must have addon. As the name suggests, this addon brings to you the replays and highlights of the boxing matches of the golden, retro times. You can watch the legendary boxers like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano in action.


chronos kodi addonChronos is becoming rapidly popular as one of the best Kodi addons. Even though this addon is for a wide range of media, you will find a decent amount of sports related stuff here. If you like to watch international sports, Chronos could be the perfect option for you. It has live sports channels from Europe, Asia, Americas, and a lot more.

Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

The cordcutters do not need the traditional cable connection to watch live TV. IPTV has changed things for us. The good news is there are many Kodi addons that offer IPTV (live TV). Here are the top ones.


ustvnow live tv kodi addonsNot a very long ago, no one had heard of USTVNow. Today, it is a huge name in the live TV domain. USTVNow is not an exclusive Kodi service. It is in fact a web based, premium live TV service with a Kodi addon. USTVNow is considered as one of the best live TV Kodi addons for many reasons. First, it lets you watch your favorite American channels outside America. Second, being a premium service, it is reliable and easy to access. You need to buy one of the available plans and sign up for the services. Once that’s done, you can install the USTVNow Kodi addon from the official Kodi Addons Repository.

IPTV Bonanza

iptv bonanza addonIPTV Bonanza is one of the free live Kodi TV addons. This addon boasts of a huge collection of live channels from all over the world. It has premium satellite channels from the USA, UK and many other countries. This addon lets you watch movies, shows, sports, documentaries and just about anything that is being aired.

Ultra IPTV

ultra iptv kodi addonUltra IPTV is also one of the most popular Kodi TV addons for live TV. Whether you want to watch live sports, live movies, live TV shows, Ultra IPTV has you completely covered. This addon also has premium cable channels from many parts of the world. You will find a huge collection of channels from popular locations including the USA and UK. This addon is a must have for the live TV fans.

Deck Chair

deck chair kodi addonWhy would someone name a live TV addon like this? Well, doesn’t matter. Deck Chair is one awesome live TV addon. It has a decent collection of channels picked from many parts of the world. You will find content in English and other international languages. You can watch live sports, news, movies, TV shows and a lot more.


bitflix kodi addonIf you happen to be a fan of British television, BritFlix one of the best Kodi addons you can have. It has an impressive collection of satellite channels from UK. Whether you want to watch news, sports, movies or shows, it has everything here. You can also watch documentaries and talk shows that are popular in the UK.

Selfless Lite

selfless lite kodi addonSelfless is a popular Kodi addon, but if you are looking for live TV, Selfless Lite is better. Being a lightweight addon, Selfless Lite is suited for all sorts of Kodi supported devices. It is also customized for the remote-controlled Kodi platforms like FireStick. Of course, the content collection is good too. You will find live TV from around the world. This is why, we have placed it among the top Kodi addons for live TV.

Halow Live TV

halow live tv addonThis is another addon you would want to consider if you are looking for best Kodi addons this year. This addon brings to you a big collection of live channels from many countries. You can watch news, sports, movies, shows and anything you want. Besides live TV, Halow Live TV also has an on-demand section that lets you watch movies and TV shows.

Best Premium Kodi Addons

Kodi is known for offering the free content through its free addons. Many free addons are good. But, when you go premium, the quality is somewhat guaranteed. So, we take a look into the best premium Kodi addons.


nemesis kodi addonIf you are ready to pay the price for high quality, Nemesis is the Kodi addon you would want to consider. Available for around $20 for 6 months of service, this addon offers many features the free ones are deprived of. It comes pre-integrated with Real Debrid, the service that speeds up the content playback and fetches many more HD links. Nemesis has a huge collection of top-quality content.

Vader Streams

vader streams addonThere are dozens of free live TV Kodi addons out there. But, the problem is that they are not exactly very reliable. Furthermore, the free Kodi addons have plenty of satellite channels but they barely cover any premium channels. Vader Streams is a paid live TV addon for Kodi with nearly all your favorite premium channels besides the regular ones. Vader Streams charges you about $10 per month for all the premium channels. That’s the kind of price you pay for just one channel normally. There is a great deal of saving here.

Players Klub

players klub addonPlayers Klub is a free live TV addon. But, it still makes it to the top premium Kodi addons list because it features the premium channels. You may ask, why pay for the premium channels when Players Klub brings them all for free. The answer is simple. The video quality of the premium channels is not that great. If you can live with that, Players Klub is not a bad choice at all. Apart from the premium channels, it has regular channels in acceptable quality.

Best Kodi Addons For Firestick

FireStick is a media device from Amazon that is plugged into your TV through the HDMI port and lets you watch movies, shows and other types of video content. It also lets you play games, though the options are limited. FireStick is an incredibly popular device used by millions worldwide. FireStick runs on Android and supports Kodi. You can install Kodi on FireStick by using the sideloading technique.

Since FireStick is a remote-controlled device that plays the content on your TV, it is important for the Kodi addons to be remote friendly. A lot of popular addons have been designed to work smoothly on FireStick including Uranus, Placenta, Neptune Rising, etc. But, we will look at only the best Kodi addons for FireStick that have not been covered yet in this article.

Dogs Bollocks

dogs and bollocks addonDogs Bollocks wasn’t really well known up until a few months ago. However, it has gained substantial traction in the recent past. It is considered as one of the best addons for Kodi on FireStick. This on-demand addon has a massive repository of movies and TV shows. You can also watch sports content, documentaries, and even Live TV. Dogs Bollocks has a special section for kids that features animation, anime, and content related to kids.

Iron Man

iron man addon for firestickIron Man is another remote-friendly addon that works seamlessly on Amazon FireStick and other remote-controlled devices, such as Android Boxes. You can easily put Iron Man in the same league as Placenta or Uranus Kodi addons. It has the collection same size as the other popular addons. It pulls the top-quality links from various servers. It is fast and reliable.

Copy & Paste

copy paste kodi addonCopy & Paste is one of the best Kodi addons for on-demand content. I have been using this addon on my FireStick device for a while now. I am impressed with its content collection. What I like even more is the speed with which it fetches the playable links. Copy & Paste is a remote friendly addon designed to work without any difficulties on FireStick.

Best Kodi Addons For Music

Kodi is more popularly used as a video player. But, do you know Kodi also plays music? Kodi can play music from various formats. It can also play your favorite songs over the internet. Let’s look at the top Kodi addons for music


spotify kodi addonWhen it comes to music over the internet, Spotify is the first name that crosses most our minds these days. Thankfully, Kodi has a free addon for Spotify. However, to use this service, you must have a Spotify account. All you need to do is sign up for the services and install Spotify addon on Kodi to enjoy it.

Now Music USA

now music usa kodi addonWhether you want to listen to Country, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Now Music USA has everything for you. This free music addon for Kodi has a huge collection of songs from just about every artist you can think of. Now Music USA will fetch the best links for the selected song and play it on any Kodi supported device.


slamming kodi addonIf you want to explore the finest music from USA and outside, Slamming is one of the top Kodi addons to look at. This addon brings to you the top-quality music from around the world. It has music in all the popular languages. You will also find any artist you want to listen to and any genre of music you wish to play.


jamz kodi addonJamz is also one of the best Kodi addons for music. It has a huge collection of songs from hundreds or artists from around the world. It has various genres of music to choose from including rock, pop, jazz, country and more. It also has a section from where you can play the top charts.



beatz kodi addonAmong all the Kodi addons for music, BeatZ clearly stands out. Of course, there is a huge library of music from where you can pick just about anything you like. It also fetches the music from various sources. It brings the high-quality links, thereby making it the top music aggregator on Kodi.

Best Anime Kodi Addons

Originated in Japan, Anime is the distinct style of animation that has become popular all over the world. If you are looking for the top Kodi addons for anime, here is our list

Squad Control

squad control kodi addonSquad Control is easily one of the best anime Kodi addons. Here, you will find just about every anime content you are looking for. Whether you are looking for movies or anime TV series, Squad Control has it all. You will also find a whole collection of dubbed anime. This addon features the latest anime content. But, you will also find the old and popular content. If you are an anime enthusiast, get this addon right now.

Dubbed Anime

dubbed anime kodi addonAs the name suggests, Dubbed Anime is the anime addon that lets you watch the dubbed anime content. It is good to have such an addon that features the dubbed anime as I don’t have to search for it. I simply need to look up for the title I want to play and get started with just a few clicks. The interface of this addon features various categories to let you find what you are looking for very easily. This addon has all kinds of anime stuff including drama, horror, action, comedy and more.


nixtoons addonNixToons is not only about anime. It has a lot of non-anime cartoon content as well. However, the library of anime content is so huge I felt it would be remiss of me to not include it in this list. Whether you are looking for subbed or dubbed anime, you will find it here. The content is properly organized in familiar categories so that you may quickly find and start playing your favorite videos.

Anime Incursion

anime incursion addonIncursion has remained as one of the popular sources for some best Kodi addons. From the same repository comes the Anime Incursion addon, popular for its high-quality anime content. You will find nearly every type of anime video here including movies, latest shows, special videos and a lot more. Go ahead and get it now.

Anime Go

anime go addon kodiAnime Go features hundreds of Anime movies and shows. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to place it among the best anime Kodi addons here. This anime only addon has all the popular anime content you could think of. You can look up for the title through the well organized categories or simply use the search function.

Kodi Addons For Hindi Movies

Bollywood in Mumbai churns out a greater number of movies in a year than any other film industry in the world. Bollywood movies are popular not only in India but also worldwide. Here is the list of the top Bollywood Kodi addons for Hindi movies


zem tv kodi addonZemTV probably has more Hindi movies than any other Kodi addon in the same category. You will find old and new Bollywood movies here. You will also find the latest releases. The problem with ZemTV is that it shuts down sometimes. But, for the most part it is functional.


eros now kodi addonErosNow is one of the premium Kodi addons that lets you watch Hindi movies. It is an official addon and hence you don’t have to worry about it being shut down. While, some of its services are free, if you want to enjoy ErosNow to the full potential, you will need to pay the monthly fee. The addon is well maintained and regularly updated with new titles. It has huge library of not only Hindi movies but also movies in other regional Indian languages.

Snag Films

snag films kodi addonSnag Films is not exactly one of the dedicated Hindi movies Kodi addons. However, its library of Bollywood content is so huge that I had to put it here. You will find many new releases as well as the old ones. In fact, you can also play the TV shows from India. Besides Bollywood, it also features content from other regions including Korea and Africa.


viewster kodi addonWhen it comes to Kodi addons for Hindi movies, Viewster is the name most frequently heard. Besides the latest Hindi Movies, this addon also brings to you a decent collection of Indian TV shows. Viewster has a big catalogue of content from India, including the regional content. It is one of the best Hindi movies Kodi addons.

Final Words

We know how popular Kodi is as a media player. But, we also know that I wouldn’t have been this popular without the best Kodi addons. The addons are the lifeline of Kodi. They give you access to the massive pool of movies, shows, live TV available on the web. What makes Kodi more popular is that most of the addons are free. When you can play everything for free, you don’t have to opt for paid subscriptions. But, remember that when you play free content, always use a VPN to hide your online activities. I am not encouraging you to watch pirated content. All I want to make sure is that your privacy rights are appreciated and remain intact. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know if you have any questions.