30 Essential Amazon Firestick Apps For Movies, Shows, Live Tv in 2018

Amazon FireStick Apps: It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Amazon’s FireStick has changed the way we watch TV.  This seemingly small device is capable of doing really big things. You just need to plug FireStick into the HDMI socket of a TV and get started. From movies to TV shows, from games to live TV, FireStick has just about everything.

But, if not for the FireStick apps, you wouldn’t have the same experience with this device as you enjoy now. It is the apps that bring to you all the entertainment your FireStick is known for. Whether you are already using FireStick or plan to buy one, you will want to be aware of the best FireStick apps that can enhance your entertainment experience. So, here I am with the list of the top FireStick apps. Keep reading!

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Best Amazon Firestick Apps in 2018

There are literally dozens of FireStick apps that are worthy of your attention. I am going to introduce you to many of them. In the following text, you will find various apps categorized by the type of content they provide. For instances, there are top FireStick apps for movies, live TV, music, Sports, etc. Let’s look at each category one by one.

Best FireStick Apps for Movies

Even though online entertainment encompasses a whole breadth of media, movies and TV shows continue to be the most sought-after categories. So, here is the list of top FireStick apps for movies and TV shows.

1. Netflix

netflix fsb

Without any doubt, Netflix is the most popular online entertainment service worldwide. With hundreds of millions of subscribers, Netflix has become a household name. Netflix is an on-demand service that brings movies, shows, documentaries, comedy, coverage of events and a lot more. And, there are plenty of Netflix Originals that you can binge watch for hours without batting your eyes. Netflix is a subscription-based service with tiered pricing structure. It comes preinstalled with FireStick. In case it doesn’t, you can download it from Amazon App Store.

2. Kodi

If you are looking for top apps for FireStick that can get you free movies and TV shows then I believe Kodi is the best choice for you. Kodi is a media player and does not host any content of its own. But, you can install Kodi addons and watch movies and shows, all for free. And, there are hundreds of free addons out there. Of course, you will only use just a handful of them. It is a must have app for FireStick. Do you want it on your Fire Stick? Learn How to Install Kodi on Firestick

3. Cinema APK

Cinema APK is the latest movie app. This is one of the best apps to watch movies on Fire TV devices. You need to get the latest version of the APK to enjoy the best features of the app.

The app was formerly known as HD Movies app. Now, the app is known as Cinema HD APK. Get the official version of the app.

Download Cinema APK

4. OneBox HD

onebox hd firestickOneBox HD is definitely one of the best FireStick apps for watching movies and TV shows. This app, like Terrarium TV, must be side loaded onto FireStick, as it is not featured on Amazon Store. Install this app and take a dive into the bottomless pool of free content this app boasts of. OneBox HD fetches the playable links for the hosted titles from multiple sources. You will find links for SD, 720p HD, 1080p HD and even 4K UHD content. If you want to get it on your Fire Stick, you can read the guide here

Get OneBox HD on Fire Stick

5. Tea TV

tea tv fsbTea TV is a lot like Terrarium TV. While Terrarium TV clearly has more users, there are many who stay loyal to Tea TV. This third-party app is known for high-quality on-demand content. You will find a huge collection of movies and shows in all genres you can think of. It is quick to feature the new releases and recently aired episodes. Tea TV is remote friendly and works perfectly on FireStick. It continues to features as top FireStick apps for movies just about everywhere.

Tea Tv on Fire Stick

6. Morpheus TV

morpheus tv appThere are only a handful of Android apps that have been designed to perform error free on the TV screens. Morpheus TV is the Android on-demand app that rather seems to be a Fire Stick first app. The layout of the app allows for the touch-free, mouse-free interaction with the FireStick remote. But, that’s not the only reason why you would want Morpheus TV playing on your TV. You will also enjoy its healthy media library of movies and shows. It has everything you can ask for.

Morpheus Tv on Fire Stick

7. Terrarium TV

terrarium tv firestick appsTerrarium TV is an on-demand app that offers free movies and TV shows. In past few months, Terrarium TV has become extremely popular on the Android platform. It has a massive catalogue of free content including movies and shows and more. What’s even important is that Terrarium TV is FireStick remote friendly. That’s more than you can say for the other Android on-demand apps. You can install this app on FireStick in minutes and enjoy the free content. It is indeed one of the top Fire Stick apps presently.

Install Terrarium Tv on Fire Stick

Best FireStick Apps for Live Tv

You don’t have to get a cable connection anymore these days to watch live TV, satellite channels on your TV. If you have FireStick and the following live TV apps, you don’t need anything else. So, here is the list of the best FireStick apps for Live TV.

1. Mobdro

mobdro appMobdro is not just one of the best, but probably the best live TV app for FireStick. I have been using this app for quite some time and am fairly impressed. Besides hosting a solid collection of satellite channels, Mobdro also makes sure that most of its channels are live and working. It is rare for any channels on Mobdro to go offline. Mobdro also features the premium satellite channels for free, which otherwise cost you a substantial monthly subscription fee. If you are looking for Live TV Apps for FireStick, Mobdro is a must have. You can go through the link below to learn the installation process.

Mobdro App on Fire Stick

2. Live NetTV

firestick apps for live tvLive NetTV may not have made a lot of news, but I can assure you that this is another live TV app you will want to have on your FireStick, especially if you are a cord-cutter. This app brings to you a wealth of satellite channels from around the world over a simple, neat and easy to use interface. This remote friendly app is sized perfectly for your TV. It is free and delivers high quality content. Go take a look.

Live NetTV For Fire Stick

3. UKTVNow

uktvnow appUKTVNow has gained a lot of traction recently and not without for no reason. This Android app has been customized for FireStick and other remote-controlled TV devices and allows you to watch your favorite channels for free. Whether you are looking for live broadcast of sports, news, movies, shows, you got it all here. UKTVNow is quick to install and easy to use.

UKTVNOW Download on Fire Stick

4. USTVNow

ustvnow appUSTVNow is another high-quality live TV app for the cord-cutters. This Android app works on both touch as well as remote-controlled devices like FireStick. USTNow features only the US based satellite channels. However, unlike other live Tv apps, it lets you watch these channels even outside the US. You need to sign up for USTNow to use this service. It has free as well as paid subscriptions. Free subscription has limited channels and no DVR capability. Paid ones give you more channels and unrestricted DVR.

5. RedBox TV

redbox tv fsbAnother entrant in the world of live TV Apps, RedBox TV is making a name for itself. It covers all the basics with and brings to your FireStick a host of satellite channels. RedBox TV gets you the regular as well as the premium channels. The app also offers limited on-demand content through the popular entertainment services. If you love to watch live TV on FireStick, I say go ahead and give RedBox TV a try.

Download Redbox TV on Firestick

6. EDoctor IPTV App

edoctor iptv iconEDoctor IPTV App is probably the least heard of the live TV FireStick apps. But, make no mistake. It is a decent IPTV app with plenty of live TV channels from all over the world. Of course, everything here is free. The good thing about EDoctor is that you can play many channels in the full HD quality as well. I like this app and recommend you to try it at least once.

Best Firestick Music Apps

Yes, you heard it right. FireStick may be more widely used to watch video content, but it also supports many music apps too. You can play the music on the speakers of your TV or on the home theater system connected to the TV. Here is the list of top FireStick apps for music.

1. Spotify

spotify fire stick buzzSpotify features among the best music apps on almost all the platforms. Thankfully, it is available on the Amazon Store. This music app lets you listen to the music from around the world. You need to sign in to Spotify before you can use the service. It has a free subscription with limited features. To explore more and to access all the features, you can opt for a paid subscription

2. Fildo

fildo appFildo is another incredible music app. Sadly, this app isn’t available on Amazon Store. But, you can always side load it onto your FireStick device. Fildo does not host any music but acts as an aggregator. It brings the free music to you from around the world from various sources.

3. Deezer

deezer fsbI am not sure why Deezer music app is not included in the Amazon Store when it is hosted on Google Play Store. The good news is that you can still install this app on FireStick by the way of sideloading. Deezer is a freemium app, meaning it offers some services for free. If you want to explore all the features and services, you can always buy a subscription.

4. Pandora

pandora fsbPandora is also one of the most widely used music apps. This app, just like Deezer and Spotify offers freemium services. The best thing about Pandora is its simplicity. Even if you are a first-time user, getting used to the app takes no time. You can find your favorite music and start listening to it in no time. Pandora is available on Amazon App Store.

5. TuneIn Radio

tunein radio appEven though TuneIn Radio is more popular for the podcasts and radio talk shows, you can still find plenty of music for your ears. This app has more than a hundred thousand radio stations all over the world. The free subscription of this app already has a lot to offer. But, if you want to have everything, go for a premium subscription. You can download TuneIn Radio from Amazon Store

6. YouTube

youtube appDue to the recent fallout between Google and Amazon, YouTube has been taken down from the Amazon Store. But, you can watch all the YouTube videos and listen to all the songs on YouTube through third-party apps like Smart YouTube TV (do not confuse this with the YouTube TV feature offered by YouTube for live TV). The Smart YouTube TV app even lets you sign in with your Google ID and access all your subscribed channels. Of course, YouTube TV needs to be side loaded onto your FireStick device

Smart YouTube TV on Amazon Fire Stick

Best Fire Stick apps for Sports

We love to watch sports. Whether it’s the live coverage, highlight or simple catchup, you can have it all on your FireStick. Let’s take a look at some of the best FireStick apps for sports.

1. Sling TV

sling tv appSling TV is an IPTV (or live TV) app that brings to you the live broadcast of a host of satellite channels. Even though it features all types of channels, it is better known for its sports coverage. Whether you like NBA, NFL, MMA, MLB or just about anything, you fill find it all here. Sling TV is available on Amazon Store. Unfortunately, Sling TV service is available only in the USA. So, if you are from any other country, you will need to use a VPN service (ExpressVPN recommended). And, it is a paid service that requires a premium subscription.

2. Watch ESPN

watch espn firestickThere probably isn’t a sport in the world that ESPN doesn’t cover. ESPN has been an incredibly popular network of sports channels for more than two decades. You can now watch ESPN on your FireStick. All you need to do is download the official Watch ESPN app from Amazon Store. Unlike Sling TV, ESPN app is available in many parts of the world.

3. Sports Angel

sports angel appSports Angel is considered one of the best FireStick apps for sports for many reasons. First, this app brings to you a big collection of live sports channels from all over the world. You name a sport and you have it on this app. Second, this app is free. You don’t need to pay any subscription fee to watch your favorite sport coverage. And, as you may have figured, Sports Angel is not supported on Amazon Store. You will need to side load it on your FireStick device.

Best Firestick Apps for iPhone

Amazon has a supporting app for FireStick on other platforms as well. Let’s learn about it

Amazon Fire TV Remote App

fire tv remote appIf you want to remote control your FireStick from your iPhone, go ahead and download Amazon Fire TV Remote App from the Apple App Store. Yes, the digital version of the physical FireStick remote is available for iOS devices. In fact, this app is supported on Android mobiles as well. The Fire TV Remote app has all the buttons as on the physical remote. But, it also includes some additional features. You will need to sign in to the app with the same Amazon ID with which you have signed into your FireStick device.  Your iPhone must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your FireStick.

Firestick Apps You Must Have on Your Device

FireStick is almost everything about media and entertainment. This little gadget is primarily used to play video content on your TV. But, to make sure you have a seamless entertainment experience, you need to power up your FireStick device with certain tools and utilities as well. I am now going to share with you the best FireStick apps that make your life a bit easier.


downloader appWe have talked about plenty of apps so far in this article. You can get some of these apps directly from Amazon Store. But, many of them must be side loaded on your device. Side loading is the manual installation of apps on FireStick. You need a tool that can make side loading an exceptionally easy task. That’s what Downloader is all about. Downloader is the most popular app for side loading third-party apps on FireStick. It is a must have app for all the FireStick users. If you want to learn more about Downloader and how to install this app on your device : Install Downloader App on Fire Stick

ES File Explorer

es file explorer appYou probably already know ES File Explorer from your mobiles or tablets. Arguably, ES File Explorer is the most widely used file browser/file manager tool. Good for it! But, when you use it on FireStick, it also doubles as a side loader. This multi-utility tool is one of the first apps I install whenever I buy a new FireStick or reset the existing one. Want to know more about ES File Explorer? read our detailed guide. This guide also shows how to install ES File Explorer on FireStick.

VLC Media Player

vlc media playerSome FireStick apps need an external media player to play back the content they host (or fetch). VLC media player needs no introduction. We have been using it on our computers and mobiles for several years. Thankfully, it is also on Amazon Store and you can install it in less than a couple of minutes. I highly recommend VLC on FireStick as it can enhance your media experience manifolds.


express vpn fsbI have always recommended using VPN service on FireStick. Click HERE to know why VPN is a must while using Kodi on FireStick. In fact, it is good to have VPN on all the time. It encrypts your online activities. It maintains your privacy. And, no other can do the job better than ExpressVPN, which has remained as my personal favorite for a long time. Download this app from Amazon Store and subscribe to its services.

Best Apps for Firestick That Are Not Available on Amazon Store

Amazon Store has a lot, but it doesn’t have it all. As you must have noticed, many of the apps listed above are from the third-party sources, not available on the Amazon Store. I have been using FireStick for a long time and I can tell you that for me it is almost impossible to have the real entertainment experience without these third-party apps.

One way to download these apps is to source their APKs individually onto the device. The other, more convenient, way is to download a third-party app store that hosts all the third-party apps you may need. Let’s take a look.

Google Play Store

google play store appGoogle Play Store is not a third-party app store you may say. And, you are right. It is the official store for Android devices. But, it is not supported in Amazon ecosystem, which makes it a third-party service on the Amazon devices. If you have Play Store on FireStick, you can get many Android apps, which you would otherwise be side loading. There is a catch though! The process to install Google Play Store on FireStick is complicated. And, unfortunately, the method doesn’t always work. You may give it a shot if you like or you may want to look at the other third-party stores for FireStick.


aptoide appAptoide is easily the best third-party app store for FireStick. This is why, it is also the part of this list of top FireStick apps. Once you side load Aptoide on FireStick, you will be able to download and install dozens of third-party apps and games. It is easy to side load this app store on your device. Aptoide hosts a decent collection of apps. You can get free apps for movies, shows, sports, live TV and more. You can also download many utility apps from this store.


tutuapp storeTutuApp is one of the most popular third-party app stores for Android platform. This store lets you download third-party apps, tweaked apps, tweaked and hacked games, utilities and a lot more. Thankfully, TutuApp is also remote friendly and works on FireStick. You can side load the APK of TutuApp on your FireStick with minutes.


So, here is our list of top apps for FireStick. These FireStick apps make your entertainment experience even more amazing. A lot of these apps are available directly through the Amazon Store. And, what you can’t get from Amazon Store, you can always side load. As you must have noticed, some of these apps require a premium subscription. But, I have also included many free entertainment apps that let you watch movies, play your favorite episodes or listen to music. If you have used any other app and think it could be a part of this list, feel free to let us know through the comments section below.